Thursday, March 15, 2018

Going deeper!

We are so excited about all that God is doing in our ministry. With the CCC staff having spent two years training with Dan, he was able to hand over the day-to-day of that program to very capable hands and shift his focus. Our hearts have always been to train up nationals so this was truly a joy to be able to do, knowing we are still very much involved in the lives of the children. 

We spent much of January and February developing and implementing a new spiritual development program at each ministry location focused on, you guessed it... going deeper! The program is based on the ABCs of God with each letter representing a different attribute of God. Due to the vast differences in each ministry site, Dan spent and continues to spend a great deal of time tweaking the curriculum for each specific population and preparing lessons that are relevant to them. 

It is such a joy to be able to have this time with each child discipling them and helping them walk more closely with the Lord. There really is no greater privilege.

This group of 4 brothers is in a unique situation at the orphanage they live at so Dan and our co-worker, Andre, are able to spend time with them each week in a discipleship program. They also have some interest in working with their hands so Dan has been able to incorporate some carpentry into their time as well. 

Many of you were able to see our photos and videos on social media of the Night to Shine event, sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, that we were blessed to be a part of. This event took a ton of planning, but God provided each step of the way. We were able to pull off the event for 80 young adults with various special needs, most of whom are part of our program at the Down Syndrome School we serve at. What a joy to spend this time with the kids, showing them and teaching them about how God sees each of them as kings and queens in His eyes. There wasn't a dry eye in the place! 

We have also been spending time on our sponsorship program where we get to be with each child at each ministry site individually. It's really incredible to watch them all grow, not just physically, but in their relationship with Jesus as well as how they are maturing. To see the fruits of your labor right in front of your eyes sharing with you their hopes and dreams for the future, when they previously had none, makes the hard days so worth it. 

On the homefront: 
Christi is having less pain each day and her physical therapy program is really helping her improve. Please keep praying for a full recovery. 

Malakai, Finley, and Titus are all in the same school this year which has been a blessing for the whole family. Their Spanish is incredible and they are learning more and more about what living their lives for Jesus looks like each day. Isa√≠as is a content little 3-year old. He loves being with mama all the time! :) 

We will be traveling to the US mid-April thanks to the generosity of many. We will be in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Texas while we are there. We are excited to get the trauma training we've been hoping to get, visit our church partners, and of course get time with family. The kiddos are super excited! 

We thank you for who you are and for how you continue to walk this journey with us! 

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