Friday, December 8, 2017

As she placed the ring on her finger...

Celebrating life, giving hope. 

As Aurora placed a ring on her 15-year-old daughter, Monica's hand, tears streamed down her face. For the families that work in the garbage dump, whom we are privileged to serve and walk life with, there are not "extras".

These families spend their days walking over an hour to get to the garbage dump, then working long, laborous hours, only to turn around and walk back home with next to nothing in their pockets. Many times, not even enough to put dinner on the table. In reality, there is not even a real table.

Serving the children of these families in our Comprehensive Care Center has provided us with many opportunities to share the Gospel, walk alongside these children, and give them HOPE for the first time in their lives. Many of the kids have come to know Jesus and are walking with Him in their daily lives.

For the parents, workshops are offered and we continue to build relationships with them. Many of the parents are coming to know Jesus through the time they spend in our program. Some have even come to know Jesus through their children sharing with them!

Thanks to the generous donations of several people, a dream became a reality last month in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Three girls that are in our program had the honor of celebrating their quinceaños, a traditional celebration for girls turning 15 years old. It is a time where the family reflects on the ways God has blessed their daughter as well as a time to speak life into them and challenge them for the years ahead.

As we set up and prepared to celebrate these 3 precious lives, the moms were continually in tears. Aurora (pictured above), shared with us how she never was able to have a celebration for her own 15th birthday nor host one for her older daughter. The joy in this mothers eyes was so evident. A dream she had for years, became a reality.

For us, it's so much more than just a one day celebration though. It is one more way for us to show these families that they are not alone. One more way for us to walk life with them. One more way for us to show them Unconditional love, through Jesus alone.

It was a beautiful day where the Word was preached! Many shared their favorite stories of the girls, the girls were able to escape their reality of extreme poverty for a day, we ate, celebrated, and rejoiced, giving thanks to God for all He has done.

If you are interested in partnering with our family, so we can continue to minister to families like this so they can stay together, we would love to have you on our team. We are still asking the Lord to bless us with new partners at $30 per month.

Thank you for loving us, allowing us to be here, and have the privilege of seeing the hope on Aurora's face. We are blessed indeed!

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