Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Difference a Year Can Make

"I can't believe the difference one year of therapy has made in my son!" 

Partnering with one of the only schools for children with Down Syndrome in this country is truly a joy! Recently while spending time with the children that are under school age (1 month - 5 years) and their parents during their therapy sessions, the mothers were expressing to Dan what a difference the program has already made in their lives. 

One of the moms expressed the fears and unknowns that came with the diagnosis she learned of after her child was born. She didn't have access to great medical care and was doing the best she could, already scared for how to provide. Then, she received life-changing news and wasn't sure what she would do. Soon after, she learned of the Down Syndrome School and the services they provide even before children are of school age.

The difference being made in these children's lives starting with an early-intervention program and then a school that serves them well into their 20's and even 30's sometimes is truly incredible. Without this school, the love provided to the children (and their families), and the therapy program, these children would spend the rest of their lives begging on the streets. There's no sugar-coating it, services for anyone with special needs just aren't available here. 

These children need this help. These families need this program just like we need each of you. It's not fun to ask for help, but friends and family, we need it. We are facing a large monthly deficit that HAS to be met in order for our family to continue to serve children and families like these. Would you please consider partnering with us? 

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Believing God will provide, 

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