Thursday, September 21, 2017

It's all about connection

*Pictures have been removed and names changed to protect those that we serve*

Have you ever wondered what happens when a person has someone else in their corner cheering them on? What happens when someone walks life with you? 

Meet Sally and Susie. 

Through the relationships and reputation we’ve developed in the community of Chimaltenango serving families that make a living digging through trash in the local garbage dump, we were approached by Sally. She heard of our community program through some neighbors. One day Sally showed up at the program and shared with Dan and one of our co-workers about her past. Sally had formerly been in prostitution and was reaching out for help. At this time, she was still struggling with alcoholism but the Lord gave her the strength to reach out. Sally knew that she needed God, He was pursuing her. She had recently committed her life to Christ and wanted to be sure that her daughters did not follow the path she had been on. She asked for her youngest daughter, Susie to be enrolled in the program and because of God’s sovereignty, we had a space just for her. From day one, there was something really special about Susie. She is a very sweet, kind-hearted girl that loves God with all of her heart. Because of not having an earthly father in her life, she has struggled with who God is and what that relationship looks like. We continually reinforce that God is her Heavenly Father who will never forsake her. Over time, she has begun to trust Him more and also see Dan as a strong male role model in her life. Susie comes each day to our after-school program where she is discipled, receives nutritious food, gets help with homework, and has mentors in her life. She is truly thriving and is an example to others in the program. 

We’ve had the opportunity to walk alongside Sally as the Lord has transformed her heart and life. She’s been a part of our workshops that we’ve offered learning several life skills to help her find employment and change her future. Sally was blessed to have an organic (raised bed) garden installed at her home recently and has been using it to nourish her family as well as selling some of the produce to help provide for them financially. Sally recently told Dan that she has completely been able to stop drinking because of the love and hope she feels as we walk life with her and her family. Because of the work Jesus is doing in her heart and being able to see His hands and feet through our staff, she is truly transforming from the inside out. 

Because of people like you, who sacrificially give to support our family, we are able to be the connectors here in Guatemala. It’s all about connection. We’ve learned in our time being here that just like Jesus did with His disciples, the real impact made is when we are doing life with people, walking alongside them. Through that, God uses us to transform peoples lives and show them Jesus in the flesh. 

As you’ve seen in our recent update, we are facing a very large monthly deficit and trusting God to provide for our needs. If you feel led to give one-time or on a monthly basis, you can do so here

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