Tuesday, June 6, 2017

When Passion Becomes a Calling

"Do not expect to walk into a new place and be automatically accepted into the culture and people's homes. Relationships and trust are built and earned over time."

Five years. That's how long we've been here. In some ways it seems like we just packed our bags yet sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago. We've learned a lot. We've grown a lot. We've failed a lot. If there's anything we are sure of, it's that the Steadfast Love of our Heavenly Father has been made more and more real to us each day we are here.

We would love for you to read this article just published about our family -

We don't forget for a moment that the same God that called us to live here is the same God that has used each of YOU to pray, to support, to encourage, to give, and to love our family. We are humbled and grateful!!! 

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