Saturday, April 1, 2017

Coffee Fundraiser (Medical Expenses)

Hey everyone - 
Thank you all so much for your response to pray for the situation with our medical insurance on behalf of Titus. We greatly appreciate so many praying on our behalf. After spending hours on the phone trying to get it straighten out, I called Dan to update him and we both knew that we needed to call on our prayer warriors during this time! 

We are going to do a coffee fundraiser to help with medical expenses as well. The same, amazing, organic, fair-grade, Guatemalan coffee that we've sold many times. It's amazing and everyone loves it! 

Here are the options: -Medium Roast (ground or whole bean)-Bold Roast (ground or whole bean)-Decaf (available in ALL flavors, ground and whole bean)-Butterscotch Brownie (ground or whole bean)-Jamaican Me Crazy (ground or whole bean)-Cookiedoodle (ground or whole bean)-Dolce Amaretto (ground or whole bean)-French Vanilla (ground or whole bean)-Pumpkin Spice (ground or whole bean)-Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble (ground or whole bean) - Sold Out (for now, but there may be more available next week)-Walnut Fudge (ground or whole bean) - limited quantities -Southern Pecan (ground or whole bean) - limited quantities 
Bags are 16 OUNCES and $18 each plus shipping.
To order: Send us an email (ucherek1 AT with your order information, including mailing address and email address for paypal billing. You will be billed via paypal once items are shipped (approximately 1 week after the sale ends). On sale now through April 5th.

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