Friday, March 31, 2017

Medical Update

Please pray! 

Friends and family,
We are writing today asking for prayer. As you know, we had Titus at the University of Chicago Children's Hospital in November. Prior to that time, we had been approved by insurance that they would cover 80% of his medical bills, we also received 75% financial aid from the hospital, and you all had graciously given to help cover the rest of his bills. As you know, these things take time to go through all these channels. Well, that time has come and we are very overwhelmed that the insurance is not holding to their word. The situation has been escalated to a supervisor and we are waiting on a call back. As you can imagine, we are stressed and overwhelmed by this. Living outside the US means that insurance companies do not have the same laws as insurance companies in the US. We know that God led us to these doctors, we know that Titus needs this medical care, and that in just a few short days with them in November, they uncovered more than any other doctor has in the 3+ years that Titus has been in our family. Since this time, they have also uncovered some chromosomal abnormalities so Titus is scheduled to see a pediatric geneticist along with this peds and neurologist the week of April 10th. I, Christi, will be taking him back for 1 week to get all of these appointments in and learn as much as we can from the geneticist as well. Getting this bill yesterday know that we are facing more bills in 2 weeks is extremely overwhelming. While we try to keep our children's medical information fairly private to protect them, we know that we need to call on you all to pray. Pray for favor with the insurance company. Pray for peace in our hearts. Pray for rest as this weighs on us. We trust the Lord of Lords and King of Kings and put this all in His hands!

We love you all!
Dan & Christi

PS - we are raffling off a beautiful sign on Facebook as well as selling coffee to help with medical bills if anyone is interested! Just shoot us an email and we'll get you the info you need! 

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