Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Live for today!

Sssoooo excited! We are working out the details for a coffee fundraiser (you ask, we deliver) and in the meantime the AMAZING Philosophy Designs whipped up this sign for us to raffle off! WOW! Isn't it gorgeous!

1 wide plank, measures 19"W x 7"H, valued at $50!!

How it works?

$5 per entry, send to ucherek1 AT via PayPal and shoot us a note.

Winner will be drawn Friday, March 31st at 9pm Mountain Time.

ALL funds go towards medical expenses for our son. He is seeing the dev Peds and neurologist he saw before as well as a pediatric geneticist.

*we would love to send some traffic to Hilary Helms at Philosophy Designs! Be sure to like her page and check out her amazing work!

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