Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I've stared at these 4 photos from our time in Michigan more times that I can count. As I filled out pages upon pages of medical surveys, background information, and family history questions, it was bittersweet! Bitter not having any of those answers to be able to help medical professionals or to be able to tell Titus as he has more questions the older he gets. Sweet knowing that God called him to our family and we have the opportunity to watch him grow. 
You see, Malakai started praying for a little boy we saw in photos to have a mommy and a daddy. Shortly after that time, we knew that God was calling us to be the answer to that prayer and we stepped out in faith to adopt Titus. We had just moved out of the country and had a mere couple hundred dollars to apply to his $30k adoption fees. We had no idea how it would work out, but we knew that God said he was ours! So we took steps in obedience... one by one! As we reviewed all the medical unknowns and the lack of biological family information, we were scared. Very scared. But God kept telling us that fear was not a reason to not bring him into our family. Over time, we've seen miracle after miracle in this boy. We've seen God make him into a compassionate, kind, and sensitive child of God who desires to be loved, like each of us do! 
As I stare at these photos, I'm thankful for so many things. I'm thankful that God called us. I'm thankful that I followed the lead of this amazing man, my husband. I'm thankful that he reaches down to help Titus any time he's in need, just like the photos. I'm thankful for the progress that Titus has made. But most of all, I'm thankful that we serve a God that is so much bigger than a medical diagnosis. So much bigger than medicating a 4-year old for the sub-clinical seizures he's having. And so much bigger than the unknown growth and nutritional issues we are seeing. 
We know that God is so much bigger. We know that we are facing at least (some tests still outstanding) a $5,000 medical bill for the time we spent in Chicago. And we know that God can wipe that out if He so desires. PLEASE join us in prayer as we seek to do what is best for Titus and continue to learn more and more about how to best parent him and shepherd his precious heart!
If you feel led to pray, share this need, or even give, we would be so grateful!

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