Wednesday, July 27, 2016


UPDATE: IT IS DONE!!! That's right, OUR GOD provided the remaining $6,810 in ONE HOUR!!! WHAT?!?!?!? Thank you all SO much!!!

If you weren't able to read the ASKING IN FAITH blog posting, read that first here.

Here's an INCREDIBLE update:

I'm trying to write through the tears right now... sometimes it can feel very lonely being so far from family and friends... then there are days that God just tangibly shows you HIS love... His never-ending, never-failing LOVE! 

We were just sent a message from an anonymous friend (whom we barely know) saying that they will MATCH UP TO $4,000 IN DONATIONS for our vehicle we've been raising funds for!! THIS IS HUGE! The truck has not sold yet and our deficit is currently $6,850.

When there are people all around us struggling to put food on the table, not enough jobs to go-around, and way too many children abandoned and abused... you think to yourself that something like a vehicle is not a NEED. But, God reminds us that because of the LOVE you have all lavished on us in allowing our family to have not 1, but 2 vehicles, we are able to minister to those that He loves so dearly and are in such great need! 

Please share. Please pray. Please give. 
*Please let us know if you give so we can keep this matching donor up to date.

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