Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Asking in faith

As some of you have seen on Facebook and our blog, we have taken a step of faith to ask for your help. And don't worry, we are already working on an update with lots of cute photos for you all that is coming soon!:) As much as we wrestled with the idea, we feel that the Lord is telling us to ask and take a step of faith in doing so. So, here it is - 

We've recently been praying about trading Dan's vehicle for a different one. His vehicle has become unreliable, has broken down, and due to long treks in a very mountainous area (to and from ministry sites), it is very beat up. We were feeling uneasy as we just aren't ready to fundraise for something like this, but because of our volunteer status as missionaries, we aren't able to get a loan. We received an email from a fellow missionary that is selling their truck, which is necessary for all the projects Dan does to serve orphanages and schools, that is in very good shape. It is well-maintained and we know it's been taken care of which is hard to know here unless you know the owners, and they have been the ONLY owners. This truck will sell quickly, so if we can't get all the funds raised, we won't be able to get it. So, we are boldly asking, knowing that if it's Gods will, He will work through His people. Would you pray with us and prayerfully consider giving for this need? We have been given until Tuesday to make an offer or they will be pursuing other leads. The Lord has already proven, once again, His faithfulness in those of you that have already stepped up and donated, THANK YOU! We are praying for $10,000 more so we can commit as soon as possible. If you feel led to give, you can do so here - PLEASE indicate that your donation is for a vehicle. We appreciate it so much! 

In faith, 

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