Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Looking ahead...

Friends and Family,
We can't believe it is already October! 2015 has flown by! We wanted to give you a glimpse into what the next few months look like for us before they are gone and we realize we haven't updated you all.

We have 2 mission teams this month - a medical trip and a vision trip that we are preparing for. We are wrapping up the school years in the next 2 weeks at the schools we serve at, which also means our oldest son, Malakai, will finish Kindergarten. We are busy having vision and planning meetings for 2016 and beyond with ministry sites and mission teams. Christi and 2 of our children are taking a quick trip to Texas and Illinois in November for some medical evaluations*. Dan's mom and sister are visiting in December. We have a team in December that celebrates Christmas with each ministry site and blesses them with a gift for each child as well as spends some time reflecting on all that the Lord has done for us over the last year. We are in the thick of sponsorship 'stuff' which includes interviews, letter writing, updates, and more. And a host of other items that are in the works.

As you can see, ministry here is extremely busy but extremely important, humbling, and a blessing to be a part of. We thank you for your continued prayers and partnership and all that you do for our family.

In Christ,
Dan & Christi

PS - we hope you enjoy the photos below of a few of the precious people we get to serve.

*The nature of the trip to the states for Christi and 2 of our children is medical-related. They will be in Dallas for 2 days and then on to Chicagoland. It is a very short trip and while Christi will be doing some ministry-related meetings and visits, we need to focus this time on the appointments. Therefore, this year it will not be possible for us to meet with all of the churches that support us. We are praying though, Lord wiling, that we would be able to have an actual furlough as a family in late 2016. You will see a few fundraisers from us in the coming weeks on social media to help with the remaining trip costs as well as year-end items like health insurance and school.

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