Thursday, July 16, 2015

Long time...

We are so excited about the new look of our blog with brand new photos just taken yesterday. LOOK at those babies... they melt me!

So, what's been going on here...

A huge part of our ministry is relational, which we are so blessed by. Pouring into, mentoring, discipling, and encouraging not only the children we serve, but the caregivers is something the Lord clearly put on our hearts. We truly believe that this is an extremely important part of what God has called us to this country to do.

We are in the middle of the 'busy season' of hosting teams. Dan has been able to travel with several teams and Christi tries to serve with them as she is able. We were so thrilled to host Atlanta Christian Church from IL, one of our supporting churches since before our family moved to Guatemala in 2012.

We both oversee the sponsorship program in Guatemala. We have the privilege of delivering photos and letters to the children and seeing the joy on their faces. It's an honor to be able to show them tangibly how much the Lord loves them and provides for their needs through people all over the world. Recently, we have been working with the kids to write letters back to all of their sponsors.

Part of ending the orphan cycle is ministering to the families of the children we serve. In Chimaltenango, we serve at a school for children who have parents working in the garbage dump. As we sought the Lord for ways to reach out to the parents, we've been able to partner with a ministry called HELPS where we have been helping these families by installing stoves and water filters in their homes. This may not seem like a big deal to most people, but it means cleaner, healthier living, less expenses for fire wood, and no more being sick due to smoke-filled homes. This also provides a great opportunity to get to know the families and share Jesus with them.

It's hard to put into words the work we are allowed to be a part of and all that we see the Lord doing in Guatemala. It is truly a privilege to serve these beautiful people in this beautiful country alongside amazing co-laborers in Christ!

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