Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Update from sunny Guatemala!

The Uchereks - Missionaries In Guatemala from Vale Church on Vimeo.

Friends and Family,
We are writing you from warm, sunny Guatemala and can't believe that it's already March! We hope that you'll take a couple minutes to check out the video above that one of our church partners, Vale Church made while we were back in Illinois for a freezing, cold Christmas!
It's been a couple months since you've heard from us so we will do our best to briefly catch you up on all that the Lord has been doing in Guatemala! 
Our 3 weeks in Illinois were fantastic! Our family was able to meet our new son, we got to spend time catching up with friends and family in the area, and were able to get face time with several church partners. We are so grateful that the Lord provided for us to be back! Thank you for your support! 
We returned back from a quick trip to IL the 2nd week of January and hit the ground running. Our first priority upon returning was the privilege of interviewing every child that we serve in all 6 of Orphan Outreach's programs here as well as distributing school supplies to each of them to start their 2015 school year. We do these interviews to provide information to sponsors back in the states, seek to find more sponsors, and learn how we can further minister to each child and family. The time we were able to spend one-on-one with each child was truly priceless! If you are interested in sponsoring a child through OO, click here.

Mission trips are in full swing and we have trips booked for every month this year. Dan had the opportunity to travel with a team in February to serve and translate and is traveling with 2 in March as well as a few this summer. We are working with churches to finalize their trip plans, figure out how they can best serve the caregivers and teachers who are ministering to children and families each day, and it is incredible to see how the Lord uses the people He sends to serve alongside us. 
We have also been working hard on furthering the education for the children in the schools we serve in. Each school is either for children with special needs, children living in extreme poverty, or both. Being able to be a small part of providing an education for these kids is a huge blessing as we know it will provide a way out and help to end the cycle of generational poverty that many of them are living in. 
Dan is excited to be facilitating a partnership with a stove ministry where we will be blessing 30 families in Chimaltenango and several in Santiago with stoves in their homes. This helps to reduce costs in their homes, gives them more time with their children, more time to work (by reducing the amount of time they spend walking to gather fire wood), as well as reduces the risk of burns and respiratory issues. Each time we have the opportunity to install a stove for a family, we more importantly have the opportunity to share Jesus with them. We are thrilled for these open doors! 
Training Opportunity! Dan has the opportunity to travel to Nashville at the end of April for the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit as well as a 2-day training for international workers. Would you please join us in prayer that the Lord provides the funds for this incredible training that would really be beneficial to our ministry? 
Thank you so much for your continued partnership!
On the homefront
Malakai started school shortly after we returned from Illinois and is attending a bi-lingual, Christian school close to our home. He is learning a lot, his social skills are developing, and his Spanish is rapidly progressing. 
Finley will turn 3 this week and is the little mama of the house often keeping her brothers in line! 
Titus was recently evaluated and we discovered that he does not, praise God, have any hearing loss! We found a speech therapist and a generous friend has provided the funding for Titus to receive speech therapy for the next few months. The therapist has only been here once and we are already seeing progress with the tips she gave us to work on each day. What a blessing! 
IsaĆ­as is a joyful little guy who is growing like crazy! At his 3 month checkup, the doc said he was off the charts and is more like the size of a 6 month old. These may be Guatemalan standards, but he is a tall little guy indeed. We can't imagine our lives without him! 
We love you all and are humbled by your support! 
Dan & Christi Ucherek

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