Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DRAWING!!! Early Christmas shopping with a purpose!

9/8/14 Update: We just posted a few hours ago that we were $2,000 short of our need... I headed out to a baby shower for a dear friend... a beautiful night of fellowship before her princess arrives, and as we wrapped up the night I get a text from Dan that I NEED to cheek my email, asap... after a moment of panic, I apologized to the table of ladies as I was in tears! We are blown away by the provision of God, our Father, and the obedience of those who say yes when He calls them to! 

Friends - our need for a vehicle has been MET! In full! Just as Jesus paid the full penalty of our sins, He continues to meet every need, even though we deserve none of it. And we praise Him for His provision! 

I haven't been able to quit singing this song since I received Dan's text - 

In light of this, we are 'shutting off' the raffle and drawing the winners NOW! :) 

{drum roll please}

Winner #1 for the $100 Noonday Gift Card: Mark and JaNae Steidinger

Winner #2 for the $100 DoTerra Gift Card: Jon Baner

Winner #3 for the $300 Gift Card of Choice: Mark and JaNae Steidinger


Friends we are so blown away by the generosity we've received towards helping our family purchase a larger vehicle. We are scrimping every penny we can and are just under $3,000 from what we need to be able to have a vehicle to fit our family. To say that I'm excited is a complete understatement! While we know that a vehicle is a luxury, it is also a necessity for our ministry! 

SO, to kick off your Christmas shopping, how about one of these FABULOUS gift cards?!?!?! 

Tickets are $10 per entry and 3 winners will be drawn - 

1 winner will win a $100 gift card to Noonday. Noonday is not only selling some of the most gorgeous accessories I've ever seen, but they are providing women all over the world with an opportunity to have a business, raise their families, and end the cycle of poverty in their families. Check out our friend Leigh's page here.

1 winner will win a $100 gift card to doTerra Essential Oils. These EO's are naturally safe, purely effective, and guaranteed. Check out our friend Ashley's page here.

AND 1 winner will win a $300 gift card OF CHOICE!!! That's right, ANY.WHERE.YOU.WANT. How's that for a start to Christmas shopping... or paying off some pestering debt?!?!? 

To get entered into this drawing, use the paypal button below. It's that easy! And all funds go towards helping us purchase a larger vehicle for our growing family. 

Drawing Entries

***We've been asked for the option to get a tax-deduction for your donation. You can do this by giving through Orphan Outreach, all information is on this page. PLEASE let us know that you want your funds to go towards being entered into this drawing. This step is VERY important! 

Winners will be drawn on Tuesday, September 16th at 9pm CST!!! 

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  1. So glad to be able to help in the way(and would love to get a gift card, too :-)
    I really understand the need for a vehicle to fit the whole family(we have 7 in our family)
    God bless you and continue to give you strength and wisdom!
    Friends from PA