Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Greater things!

Greater things!

Although the video (above) is not the best quality, we couldn't help but share it with you. It was very moving worshipping alongside these students at the Ravine School, a school serving children whose parents work in the city garbage dump. The lyrics in English translate to, "Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city...". This is our heart and our prayer for these children, that they would change their city, their generation, and their nation all for the glory of Jesus Christ! 
Since our last update so many incredible things have happened within our ministry that it's hard to update through an email! 
Some highlights:
-A visit from Pastor Andy and Stan Blunier from PBC.
-Christi was able to help lead/travel with a mission team in July for 1 week.
-Dan serving with, connecting with, and being encouraged by many mission teams.
-Hired 2 additional teachers at the Ravine School.
-Lots of visitors - very encouraging! 
-Additional involvement at the Down Syndrome School.
-Additional opportunities to share Jesus with the families working in the garbage dump.
-Teams sharing the truth with and encouraging the people we serve (children, teachers, and caregivers).
-Lots of progress on carpentry projects and improvements at ministry sites.
-New houses built for families in Santiago.
-Pastoral training in Santiago.

Prayer Requests: 
-Hosting a conference this Saturday to encourage Guatemalan churches to get involved in caring for orphans.
-Transition plans at My Special Treasure and Little House of Refuge.
-Planning for the upcoming school year.
-We are praying to be able to start a nutritional breakfast program at The Ravine School.
-The additional opportunities the Lord has provided to connect with and minister to the families of the children at the Ravine School.
-Christian mentors for the children at Little House of Refuge.
-Christi & baby's health during pregnancy.
-Malakai as he prepares to start Kindergarten in January and expands his Spanish skills.
-Additional funding for and being able to find a larger vehicle for our family.

We are so grateful for each of you!
Dan & Christi Ucherek

*don't miss the photos below!
Christi spending time with & encouraging one of the directors atLittle House of Refuge orphanage.
Our home church being recognized for the 150 Bibles they donated!
Dan spending time with a little boy he mentors at Little House of Refuge.
Ministering to a new little girl in one of the homes that has been struggling with her transition.
Malakai having a blast at the zoo!
Just a little sticker time for Finley! 
Dan serving with a mission team at theDown Syndrome School
A family living in extreme poverty and working in the garbage dump that we are ministering to.
Getting to know some new friends at an orphanage that Orphan Outreach is considering partnering with. 
One of our friends at Little House of Refuge.
The girls at My Special Treasure LOVE our kiddos!
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