Sunday, May 4, 2014

What to expect...

We sent out our last update the beginning of March and in case you missed it, you can view it here.

Since our last update, we're thrilled to report that we've focused on ministry with Orphan Outreach at the 5 ministry sites. While it's hard to update through a newsletter all that has happened in that short period of time, we'll do our best and feel free to ask any questions you may have! 

The Ravine School - we've been planning construction projects, ministering to the children, and evaluating and planning at The Ravine School in Chimaltenango. There are several children with learning disabilities and significant delays since for most of them, this is their first time attending school. Please pray for wisdom as we seek out additional, specialized teachers to assist them and plan curriculum for the following school year.

We also have the amazing opportunity to share Christ with the families of these children, who work in the Ravine (garbage dump).

My Special Treasure - we are blessed every time we spend time with the girls and caregivers at My Special Treasure. Building relationships and trust with them has come a long way and we are thankful for their willingness to allow us to serve them. We took the girls to a dental clinic, have been evaluating their progress with their psychologist as well as setting up occupational training for the girls that have completed school in order to make a transitional plan for them over the coming years.

Good Shepherd Academy - we recently had a team of pastors here that provided pastoral training to 15 pastors serving in and around Good Shepherd Academy. We are also planning for teams coming this summer that will be building houses for families in need in the village of Cerro de Oro. 
Guatemalan Association of Down Syndrome - what a blessing it is to be small part of this school where the children are receiving specialized care. Please pray that the Lord would provide for the transportation vehicle they are in need of. 

Little House of Refuge - Dan was able to travel to Little House to spend time with the children and staff as well as do planning for upcoming teams. 

Iglesia Galilea - We are so blessed to be plugged into a flourishing body of believers at our church here in Guatemala. We just attended a baptism of 13 people recently! Praise God! 

NOW for the part you've all been wondering about from the subject of the email... 

Please pray for Christi's health as well as the health of the baby who is expected to arrive mid-November. Please pray for peace as this is the first time having a child overseas. Also, join us in prayer that the Lord would provide for a larger vehicle for our family as it has now become a necessity! 

In His Service, 
Dan & Christi

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