Friday, March 7, 2014


1 Timothy 1:14 
Oh, how generous and gracious our Lord was! He filled me with the faith and love that come from Christ Jesus. 

We are so grateful for the donor who made it possible for Dan and I to be able to do an intensive, full-time language training for all of January and February. Our language has progressed by leaps and bounds and we feel equipped with the tools we need to be completely bi-lingual. While it will not be on a full-time basis, we will continue language training as long as necessary.

During those 2 months we were blessed with an apartment (owned by another missionary family) within walking distance of our school. Our children loved every minute, enjoyed the beautiful weather, and the huge yard on the property. We are grateful for every second of our time in that apartment, at the language school, and with the seasoned missionaries.

It was also wonderful to be able to have some time outside of language school with mission teams, the Guatemalan staff, as well as the Orphan Outreach staff in Texas. They are all such a blessing to the children we serve as well as our family. We praise God for how He knit together this amazing team of believers to accomplish His purposes and spread the name of Jesus throughout Guatemala. 

The Ravine School in Chimaltenango, Guatemala (ministers to children of those working in the garbage dump)

The 1st of March we headed out to our new apartment in a town right outside of Guatemala City. We are settled in now, our children are enjoying the new place, and we are now focused full-time on serving with Orphan Outreach. Dan left today to travel for a week to some of the project sites with a team doing construction planning for the coming year. The Lord continues to bless the projects and we're excited that there are many things in store for 2014. Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page this week as Dan gets to spend time with the children and staff we are blessed to work with. 

On the home front: 
We are grateful for the leadership of Orphan Outreach and how they understand that we have 3 small children and allow Christi to adjust her schedule accordingly. This is truly an answer to prayer! 

Malakai is 4 1/2 now, is over half-way through his Kindergarten curriculum (at home), and is learning Spanish at a rapid rate. We are so proud of his improvements in behavior, his heart to serve others, and his willingness to teach his brother and sister everything he knows! 

Finley will be 2 years old on the 13th of this month... we don't know where the time went. She is running after her big brother, talking (in English and Spanish) more and more every day, and has her daddy wrapped around her little finger (what little girl doesn't?) :)

Titus is 22 months old and has changed so much over the last 5 months that he has been in our family. We are truly seeing his personality more and more each day. He is smiling so much more than he used to and he adores his brother and sister. While he still has significant delays, the progress he has made in 5 months is incredible and we are hopeful for his future. 

A recent trip to the Guatemala City Zoo
We continue to pray for each of you as a family and are committed to do so. Please let us know of any specific prayer requests. 

Please continue to pray for our family. We greatly appreciate it. AND if the Lord ever lays it on your heart, we'd love to have you come serve with us! 

Love in Christ, 
Dan & Christi Ucherek

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  1. Praying for all of you.

    God bless your family and ministry.