Friday, December 27, 2013

Resolution: Change a Life (Garbage Dump Ministry & The Ravine School)

UPDATE as of noon on the 29th: We just received another verbal monthly commitment which puts us to our monthly goal that we needed in order to leave! PRAISE THE LORD! We are heading out Tuesday morning and will be on Guatemalan soil Tuesday night.
If the Lord prompts you, we still have a small need for one-time gifts and all 2013 donations must be postmarked by the 31st. 

UPDATE as of 1:00pm on the 28th: We are down to only needing THREE more commitments of $30 per month in order to leave on Tuesday!!! Thank you for praying! 


Some of you saw our status update on F.acebook the day that we served at this ministry, but for those of you who did not, we've pasted it below:

Please pray for a woman named Miriam that we met today working at the garbage dump in Chimaltenango, Guatemala! When our eyes met, I immediately was drawn to her. We had a special moment together, mother to mother, as she explained to me that her youngest baby is 2 months old, she brings her to the garbage dump with her each day, to sift through trash to provide for her family. As I held back the tears imagining the life of this mother and precious baby, she had hope in her eyes... she was so thankful that her other children get the opportunity for an education through The Ravine School that we are working alongside. How can a woman living in a garbage dump have hope... have faith... and be so grateful... Thank you for the humbling experience today Lord!

We could not be more humbled to be able to serve at The Ravine School where we are able to help provide an education to the children of the families working in the garbage dump. Instead of sifting through trash all day, these children are getting a quality, Christian education, hearing about Jesus, and being given a HOPE for the future. Not just that, but we have the opportunity to minister to their families as well.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us? We are still in need of 4.5 more commitments at $30 per month. If you can't commit to $30 per month, maybe you could commit to $10 or $20 per month. Resolution: Change a Life

AND WE HAVE A MATCH!!! A generous friend has committed to match the first $500 that comes in, doubling your first month of giving! 

To make your commitment of investing in lives this year, 
visit this page

We have to have these additional monthly commitments before we can leave on the 31st and are needed on the ground January 1st. 

To learn more about The Ravine School, click here.

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