Sunday, November 10, 2013

the little girl that changed our lives

While Christi only served in Guatemala in 2009 for 1 week, it changed both of our lives forever! She spent the trip serving widows and orphans and was utterly broken. Upon returning, the Lord put 2 little girls that Christi met on the trip on our hearts. {Read more about them here and here}
A 3 yr old girl named Yulisa and her 3 sisters lived in a small, underfunded, rundown orphanage in the city of Xela, Guatemala. After Christi shared Yulisa’s story with Dan we started advocating for this little girl and praying that an organization would be able to come alongside this little orphanage that had broken our hearts.
God was using her to change us. We knew, after falling desperately in love with Yulisa that God was calling us to adoption. We tried to adopt Yulisa and soon found out that international adoption from Guatemala was closed… which God used to lead us to Ethiopia, where our 2 sons are from.
Through this little girl, God called us to adoption, gave us opportunities to serve the orphan, burdened us for the mission field, and drew our hearts to Guatemala. Through all of these amazing opportunities, God was equipping us for something more! He soon confirmed His calling on our lives to serve the orphan and the church in Guatemala. To say that we were petrified is a complete understatement. We are normal people like so many we read about throughout Scripture that God calls and equips.
ONLY God in His sovereignty could provide a way for us to talk with an organization that we barely knew at the time (through a friend) who eventually came alongside her orphanage. They not only improved the quality of their living situation, were able to hire additional caregivers, expand the facility, improve the school, make sure that the children are being discipled, and ensure that each of them have a transition plan.
The organization we are referring to is Orphan Outreach… who God has now called US to serve with. Do you see how this story is coming full circle? How we had NO idea that I would meet Yulisa, how God would use her in our lives, and NOW allow us the opportunity to serve her, her sisters, and the 60 other children in her orphanage (Little House of Refuge) 4 years later.

God knew EXACTLY what He was doing…. We had NO idea why Yulisa was so heavy on our hearts back in 2009 after my trip. We literally couldn’t sleep at night and wept for her frequently.
Just like God used one small girl to impact our lives in such a dramatic way, God can use you in the same way to impact lives.
We have the privilege of ministering to Yulisa and hundreds of others just like her because of people like YOU!
Not only do we want to tell each of you and the people we minister to about God the Father, we want to represent who God is by taking in orphans, by serving them, by giving them hope for a future, by making sure they have mentors and truly DEFENDING the cause of the orphan. Then, these children, their caregivers, and the community around them will SEE the Gospel in action! God rescued us and we are giving them a picture of what God did for us!
We are God’s people, adopted by His grace, and we are worshipping HIM and committing ourselves… continually asking how we can be a reflection of HIS character… and for us, that is GOING to the orphan, the impoverished, the lonely, the overlooked, and showing them who Jesus is… WHAT does that look like for each of you?
So we ask you today to consider… what can you do for a child like Yulisa? How would the Lord have you get involved?
Our family is in need of additional monthly partners in order to return in 7 weeks! Even just $10 a month makes a huge difference. We can’t minister to children like Yulisa unless the body of Christ comes alongside us in this way.   
If you feel led to support us in this way, please click here.

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