Wednesday, November 27, 2013

COFFEE and GORGEOUS jewelry!!

SKIP Black Friday and purchase gifts with a purpose! :) 

We are, once again, selling amazing Guatemalan coffee from our friends at Leiva's Coffee. There are 4 options: medium ground, medium whole bean, bold ground, or bold whole bean. Bags are $18 each which includes shipping.

Dan and I will be in Guatemala (for a vision trip and training) for one week from Dec 7-13, so these will ship when we RETURN (around the 15th) to be sure you are getting them in time for Christmas.

December 5th is the deadline for coffee! 

Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Medium Roast WHOLE BEAN Coffee

Bold Roast Ground Coffee

Bold Roast WHOLE BEAN Coffee

Also, our amazing friend at Jubilee's Jewels whipped up this GORGEOUS jewelry for us to sell as well!!! They are $35 each OR $65 for the SET and can be purchased from the Jubilee's Jewels site. 

THIS SUNDAY (December 1) is the deadline to order jewelry in order for them to be shipped by Christmas!!

Necklace with 30" chain - to order, CLICK HERE

Set (necklace & bracelet) - to order, CLICK HERE

Bracelet - to order, CLICK HERE

All proceeds (from coffee and jewelry) are helping our family serve in Guatemala. For more info, click here

Thank you Stacy Richards.... you have outdone yourself once again! 

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