Sunday, September 29, 2013

words seem so inadequate...

As I sit on the floor in a guest house in Ethiopia (with my boys fast asleep)... I'm exhausted, but there's too much adrenaline to sleep... I'm over-joyed, but there's so much pain in the midst of it... and I'm inadequate, but Jesus is enough!

As we walked through the doors of the orphanage this morning, I could see the tears streaming down her face. Dan and I locked eyes, squeezed hands tightly, and trudged forward.

She had taken care of our boy for months... 14 of them to be exact. She's wiped his tears, nourished his body, even changed his stinky diapers... and she loves him.

Her job is one of love, of sacrifice, of joy, and of heartache. She's the caregiver that has been nourishing our son to health and doing everything she can to make him feel loved, feel safe, and secure until that day that his family arrives.

Today was that day... and you could see the pain in her eyes from a mile away... as she handed me my son... she uttered the words 'thank you' through the lump in her throat.

Thank you... to me? I don't think she knows the depth of her love... the depth of her sacrifice... that the way she cares for these precious children day in and day out prepares them for a family.

As she ushered us out of the orphanage {a place, thank you JESUS, that my son will never have to be in again}, I hugged her body, kissed her face, and held her cheek in my hand. I made her lock eyes with me, something she doesn't do so well at... and muttered through my tears 'thank you, sweet servant'... words that just feel inadequate.

As we held our scared little boy down the bumpy dirt roads away from the orphanage, many tears were shed. 'It just doesn't seem adequate' I kept muttering.

Thank you Jesus for this sweet reminder of love. This sweet reminder that YOU see the small things. You see the mom struggling to care for her babies with her exhausted body. You see the Ethiopian woman caring for children in an orphanage only for them to go home to their families. You see every piece, every act, every emotion, every word, and every heart.

You alone set the lonely in families. You alone are worthy to be praised. And YOU alone can heal her pain as she lets go of another little one she so loves.

We are humbled indeed... and once again, words just aren't adequate.


  1. So happy for you Christi and this is so profound...

  2. So happy for you ...such a profound post.

  3. We couldn't agree more! It was so humbling for us when we went to bring our children home from the orphanage!

    Praise God for His Faithfulness! I kept watching to see when you would finally be traveling! We have been home now for 3 weeks with our 3, and His strength has gotten us thru. What a blessing they are, but we need more energy as parents!!

    We are praying He strengthens you as you adjust during this exciting time!
    Amy & family from PA