Friday, June 7, 2013

spend yourself, serve HIM bags!

Well, we sold the last 9 of these on facebook in NO time and have had a LOT more people interested... so, we are going to go ahead and offer them one last time. We are taking pre-orders between now and the 20th of this month and then will place an order at that time.

If you'd like one of these bags - please order below by clicking 'buy now' and your bag will be shipped to you in late July!

Chris Diggs from Nuckle Creative designed these bags for us. What a blessing he has been to our family! These burlap bags have a long, cross-body strap and are super lightweight! 

*You will be re-directed to Paypal to purchase the bags. They are $35 each which INCLUDES shipping for orders within the US. All proceeds go to fund our adoption of Titus. IF you are unable to use paypal, but would like to purchase a bag, please send us an email to ucherek1 AT hotmail DOT com. 

**This is a pre-order until JUNE 20th! Bags will be shipped from Guatemala to IL, then shipped out from IL at the END of July. 

***Dimensions: 11.5" long and 11.5" wide with a 2 in depth/thickness. The entire strap is 38 inches long and ties in a knot so that the length can be adjusted to your height. 



  1. <3 these. <3 adoption.
    prayers for your family!

  2. Got ours in the mail yesterday - LOVE THEM!!! I am giving 2 away as gifts - if they become available again I'd like to get at least 1 more. Thanks for letting us share in your joy!

  3. The bag is absolutely gorgeous! So glad I was able to get one! :) The friend I bought it for LOVES it! Thank you!