Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mario update

Do you remember reading about Mario (Sr) and Sandri here?

Sandri and Dennis

Today we had the privilege of visiting Mario (Sr) and Sandri's 4 year old son, Mario Jr. in the hospital today that was severely burned on most of his body 6 months ago... the family is still awaiting synthetic skin for him. I wish I could put into words what we saw at the hospital, the pain in the faces of so many, and the THOUSANDS of people waiting for care... it's a government hospital, so the care is free, but that means there are underpaid doctors, underpaid staff, and a hospital that can't afford things like synthetic skin to care for the patients. 

While I wish you all could see it, we feel like we shouldn't post any photos out of respect for the family. 

Thank you for praying... thank you for caring... thank you for giving this family HOPE!

Update: We are working with 2 organizations in the states to try to get the synthetic skin he needs donated... pray that God would work through them and this little boy could receive the care he needs. Pray for justice! Pray for mercy! Pray for HOPE they can only find in Jesus alone! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing Christi! There is SO much hurt going on in this world and while we can't do something for every single one--we can each choose one and do something for them! Thanks for choosing the little piece of Guatemala and showing them the love of Jesus (and for letting us tag along for the ride)