Thursday, February 7, 2013

that is my prayer for EVERY child...

Written by Amy Block, missionary at Village of Hope-Guatemala:

I remember when I was a little girl my mother swooping me up in her arms, carrying me off to bed where we would lay together and she would read me stories. I remember her kissing my forehead and tucking me in for the night. I remember clasping my small hands together, closing my eyes and reciting the prayer, "Now I lay me down to sleep..." I remember her love. I remember feeling safe. I remember feeling I mattered. 

That is my prayer for every child. That they feel loved, they feel safe and they feel they matter. Because they do - so much that Jesus was willing to give His life for them. 

Yet for many children around the world, this is not their reality. For many children around the world there is no one to tuck them in, no one to pray with them, no one to assure them they are safe and no one to tell them they matter. 

Village of Hope exists to do just that. 

In honor of Valentine's Day we are asking you to share the love of Christ with a child who needs to know these things. A child who needs a safe place to go, a place where they will learn about the one who loves them so much He was willing to die for them - regardless of the disease they carry.

Flowers die and candy will soon be gone - in honor of Valentine's Day will you consider investing in something so much more?

We are so thrilled that Rebekah Blocher designed these BEAUTIFUL bracelets for us... which will give HOPE to the children that the Lord will bring to Village of Hope.

To order, click the 'Add to Cart' button below - 

Each bracelet is $30 and all proceeds go directly to Village of Hope's buy-a-brick campaign.
**Shipping is included for all orders within the United States. 

Please note: While we can't guarantee shipment prior to Valentine's Day, we encourage you to spread love and give HOPE to a child in need! 

We are also THRILLED to announce that the Lord has provided for us to begin the FIRST HOME at Village of Hope... Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides. 
Take a look at the photos below to see some of the progress... 

We are seriously speechless at how the Lord has provided the funding to start the first home... of our $184,500 initial buy-a-brick goal, we still need about $55,000. 
Would you consider purchasing a 'Never Lose Hope' bracelet to help us? 
Maybe your Sunday school class could forego coffee and doughnuts for the next month and donate the funds to give HOPE to a child in need? 
Maybe you would LOVE to sponsor a room or a home in memory or honor of a loved one? 
To purchase a bracelet, click the button right below the photo of the bracelet. 
If you don't need/want a bracelet, but would like to make a donation towards the buy-a-brick campaign, click below. 

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  1. Do they come in diffrent sizes or one size fit all...checking to get one for Kaylie also