Thursday, January 31, 2013

playground update... and PHOTOS!

Remember that posting we did back in August... to raise funds for not only a retaining wall (which was needed in order to start building here), but also a safe place for children to play that come to live at Village of Hope?

Well... the retaining wall is DONE!!! Praise God... and THANK YOU!!! And there's a sweet Sunday school class of children in Indiana raising funds for the playground equipment!

From this...

to this...

and this...

to THIS...

Praise God!


  1. Wow what a difference since we were there in Nov.

  2. LOVE this update!!! :) Thanks for sharing, Christi!

  3. OOps - unknown above was me, Shelly. :)

  4. Wow! That looks amazing. I got a chance to talk with Spencer Sullivan today (who says to tell you hello!) and we are planning the tool drive that Kori began the convo with you about. Can't wait to catch up with you guys next week. God bless!

  5. LOVE....LOVE....LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!