Tuesday, January 15, 2013

at the mercy of God's timing...

A friend sent us a message of encouragement and said these words:

"the race against time puts you squarely at the mercy of God's timing"

She couldn't have said it better...
If I said I wasn't nervous, biting my nails, and checking the chip-in button frequently I'd totally be lying.

Friends we CAN'T move forward with our son unless we have the next $9,000 needed in the next TEN days...

We are currently at $1,502 which will be matched by Lifesong bringing the total to $3,004... that means we have TEN days to raise just under SIX thousand dollars... PLEASE join us in prayer!


  1. I will be there. God makes special provision for orphans. We will be praying with you and can't wait to share the story of how God bring you this money in our adoption small group! Its gonna be an amazing testimony I just know it!

  2. PRAYING!!! :)

  3. Hey Christi, I'm back. :o) While I was praying for your family last night I was basically saying to God that He can provide the money, that He knows the needs & that He can meet those needs. His quick response to my heart was, "Yes, you believe that I can provide the money, but do you believe that I can heal, that I can keep that head from closing too soon?". He reminded me that He is certainly our Provider, but that He is also that little boy's Creator & Healer. He can be trusted to care for that little head even when it's so, so far away from your precious mama hands. Keep trusting, sister! God's hands are on your little guy! Continuing to pray for ALL that God has in store...