Saturday, June 23, 2012

On the ground!

PRAISE GOD!!! The kids did great on the flight, ALL our bags made it safely, and we are here serving at Village of Hope! Thank you all for your prayers along the way...we will continue to need prayer and support as this will be a HARD transition for all of us! 

Just wanted to share with you just a glimpse of what our world looks like now:)
 The view from our room!
 Malakai playing with Kaden and Carson
Great place to sit and pick(the guitar of course;) )
Village of Hope is AMAZING! What an amazing privilege we have to serve here alongside the Block family! We had the chance last night to do a prayer walk through VOH with the team that arrived yesterday from Paradise Baptist Church...They have been such a blessing to us! 

 P.S. this thing was found outside our room this morning!!!! EEEEKKKK! It was HUGE! I'm just glad it wasn't IN our room:)


  1. So exciting! Glad you arrived there safely!

  2. That sounds amazing. We'll be praying for you guys!!