Friday, June 15, 2012


One year ago today we landed in Ethiopia after MANY hours of traveling... the day was FINALLY here to be reunited with our sweet boy and have him in our arms FOREVER!

He was a VERY scared little boy...

As the week progressed we started to gain a bit of trust... he started eating and sleeping a bit...

And we arrived safely in Chicago on Father's Day 2011 with this amazing GIFT!

This sweet boy had endured so much in the 21 months of his life and here he was going through another HUGE change. Although we were over the moon in love with him, he was scared, tired, lonely, and VERY confused! As we settled into our home that was so comforting to both of us, EVERYTHING was overwhelming to Malakai Aweke! He didn't understand Engrlish, had never been in a kitchen before, never been around food being prepared, never been in a carseat, and the list goes on... everyone he had ever been close to in his life left one way or another... so why would he trust us... well, he didn't!

We have not only seen this boy grow physically over the last year - he's grown 6.5 inches and gained 11 pounds - but we've seen him grow in so many other ways as well! The joy he brings to the lives of so many is incredible. The story of this ONE child has touched the hearts of SO many... so many that didn't know they could love a child that didn't have their biological bond... so many that had never seen a former orphan face to face... and so many that were unaware that they could love an African American child!

We have had the privilege of watching Malakai grow and thrive... and the little boy he has become is truly amazing! He is witty, hilarious, sweet, and keeps us on our toes... but most importantly we see a heart that is growing to love Jesus and we pray that he serves HIM all the days of his life!

Once that scared little baby... now a thriving little boy full of life!

We got this in his lunch today... thought it was rather fitting for gotcha day and the fact that we leave in 6 days!


  1. BITTERSWEET! We love you all! It seemed like we waited for the Gotcha Day - FOREVER! Now, one year later, we say goodbye :( but will continue to be blessed by your family!

  2. Oh, this is so sweet! Happy "gotcha" day to your sweet family!