Monday, April 2, 2012

these days...

There's a little bit of THIS going on around here...


That's RIGHT, we had an offer on our home NINE days after we listed it... praise God! We waited to announce because it was contingent on the sale of the buyer's home, but now we're set to close the first week in May! Please continue to pray that everything goes through as planned.

For those of you that are local, we'll be having a GARAGE SALE the first weekend in May in Pontiac!

And a little bit of this...

I just love when this sweet boy only wears his diaper! :) hehe

And, of course, a lot of this...

Isn't she precious?!?!

It's feeling more and more real as we sell our home, pack up our belongings, and make all the arrangements for Guatemala. Would YOU consider partnering with us? We are in need of 75% of our monthly commitments before we can leave! 

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  1. God is so good!! It is incredible that you got your house sold so quickly. Finley and Malakai are precious!