Friday, March 9, 2012

What would YOU do?

What would you do with $10?

We took a quick little survey on facebook asking this question and here's what we got:
-put gas in my car
-give to an adoptive family
-put in my wallet
-video games
-treat the family to DQ
-help someone in need
-itunes gift card
-mission trips
-diapers & wipes

SO, what would YOU do if someone handed you a $10 bill right now? 

We've looked at our budget a LOT lately... like a lot, a lot! It started when our small group went through the book Radical by David Platt and I was SMACKED in the face... wake up! If you haven't read it, do it! Oh and read '7' by Jen Hatmaker too... it'll get you thinking! Back to my point here...

The Lord just KEEPS convicting me regarding money... I look around and see so much abundance in our daily lives in the US that sometimes I don't know what happened or where to begin or WHY we think we need so much! It takes me back to the conversation I had with a Liberian man who was a street kid and now runs an orphanage and church in the sticks, often walking 10+ hours to rescue children... he looked me straight in the eyes and said...
I'm just not sure American Christians get it... we actually PRAY for our daily bread... and trust that God will provide. Once we got a glimpse into life in America, we started praying for you all more often... that you would truly have FAITH and stop relying on your pocket books and credit cards!"
Can you say GUT PUNCH?!?!?! 

So we started doing what we could to cut things out... trimming here and there where we could... our small group Bible study has been SUCH an example to us of loving extravagantly, giving everything, and making the name of Jesus known... they continue to challenge us each and every day and we are SO thankful that we've been able to walk the last couple years of life with them! Are we perfect? NO! Not at all... do we screw up? YES, absolutely! We'll be the first to admit it.

My point here is this... how can EACH OF US free up $10 a month for the Lord? 
 Starbucks run
Chick-fil-A lunch out
switching to a cheaper shampoo (dry hair is cool, just check mine out)
foregoing soda
gas station run

Whatever it may be, how can you be more intentional with your finances? Ask the Lord to show you what HE wants you to sacrifice in order to give more and make HIS name known

As you are asking God to show you what you can sacrifice, do so with joy... this challenge is not intended to harbor bitterness or anger in our hearts... so if you find yourself grumbling as you drive past that favorite coffee store, stop yourself and choose JOY... thank Jesus for what HE did for you... and that you even have the OPTION compared to so many! 

Would you prayerfully consider as you make these sacrifices being a part of our team? 
Help us to love on 35+ orphans each day that have no one to call mom or dad

Help us share Jesus with the 150 children that attend the Christian school we'll be serving at each day

Help us give HOPE to the 60+ children that come to the feeding program we'll be serving at each day

Help us reach out to the Solola community with the TRUTH of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!

We need YOU! It's as simple as that! 
We currently have 11% of the monthly commitments we need to GO... but need to be at 75% before we can uproot our family... every dollar counts, every dollar matters, and every dollar gives us the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the least of these

Would you consider making a $10 monthly commitment and INVEST a small portion of what He has given you back into His Kingdom?

Love in Christ,
Dan, Christi & Malakai Aweke


  1. We had a wonderful trip to Eagle's Nest! We recognize the precious kids you have pictured here. :-) The whole time we were there we kept thinking what a great fit Dan and Christy are for Eagle's Nest. Praying God will provide the funds you need!!
    Renee S.