Thursday, February 2, 2012

THANK YOU! Winner announced soon!

Friends and Family,
We just wanted to say THANK YOU! We are truly blown away at the response to our recent announcement... God has called us to GO and the emotions we've experienced since saying yes can be described as quite the roller coaster to say the least! One day can be described by anxious anticipation of what the Lord will do in and through us in Guatemala while the next day can be described with utter fear of the transitions, new language, and new culture we'll be experiencing! A friend on the mission field in Zambia recently shared her raw, honest, beautiful thoughts here in a blog posting titled 'Messy Missions'... and oh, how I needed to hear them!

It's not always easy, this journey of following Jesus. However, let us encourage each of you that it is SO worth it! You WILL be faced with opposition, you WILL be under attack, people in your life WILL turn the other way... but giving up our lives for the sake of the ONE who gave it all is our purpose here... and we must stay focused on that!

Not to mention, amazing people like all of YOU encouraging us, sharing our story, praying for us, and giving to support us has been OVERWHELMINGLY BEAUTIFUL! The Body of Christ is such a beautiful, powerful thing and we appreciate your response in being a sender as we prepare to go!

We will share more of the details as we have them and will announce a WINNER on the 6th. Due to how donations are processed through our sending organization, it takes a few days for us to see them after they've been entered, so we want to wait to make sure we have everyone in the giveaway that has sacrificed on our behalf.


Love in Christ,
Dan, Christi, Malakai, and Baby U (coming soon!! oh, so soon!)

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