Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Part 4... will you take the step? GIVEAWAY

If you missed out on the first parts of our story, check them out here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Will YOU take the first step? 
In our last post we shared about this little sweetie that turned our lives inside out and helped us to see Christ's love in a whole new way!
You see, God tells us to love each other unconditionally... those that may get on our nerves, co-workers that we don't work easily with, etc.... BUT we've never before been challenged with loving someone 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, that pushed us away, rejected us, and did NOT want to be in our home. This sweet boy has taught us more in the 8 months that he's been in our home about Christ's love for EACH OF US than anything else in our lives! He has blessed us more than we will EVER be able to bless him!

After our first trip to Ethiopia, we both knew the Lord was calling us to overseas mission work. Our hearts were once again broken by the plight of the orphan, the vulnerable, and the outcast...

As we returned home... we were broken-hearted. Not only had we left our son on the other side of the globe, but we also left a country and people that we had grown to love dearly in one short week.

We again started to pray.... we KNEW God was calling us to serve overseas and we made a commitment that we would take steps of faith as He opened doors!

So we continued to pray... 4 LONG weeks after our first trip to Ethiopia we returned to be re-united with our son and bring him HOME forever. Our hearts and minds were consumed for many, many weeks with helping him transition, being the consistent in this life, and making sure we were doing all we could to bond and attach with this sweet boy. However, we still prayed whenever we could for the Lord to reveal HIS plan. We could NOT return unchanged!

As the Lord does in HIS time, He started to open some doors and slam others shut... we soon knew that He was calling us to Guatemala to serve full time! We had a few different options for serving in Guatemala, but felt particularly drawn to Eagle's Nest International and the work that they are doing. You see, our hearts are to serve the orphan, show them what a family is, to reach out to a lost community, to bring hope to the hurting, and love like we've never loved before. We took a trip this past December asking the Lord to give us clarity as we served together and HE made it abundantly clear that we are to serve at Eagle's Nest.

For many of the children living at Eagle's Nest, it is the ONLY home they have ever known... it is where they will form their idea of a 'family' even though we all wish they could be in a family rather than an orphanage. For others, Eagle's Nest will be a refuge and a safe haven where they can learn about Jesus and His great plans for their lives!

We plan to move to Guatemala, Lord willing, this coming June to serve at Eagle's Nest International. Some of the ways we will be serving include providing holistic orphan care to the 35 children living at the home and will continue to bring in more children as we are able. We have a fantastic opportunity to reach out to the community through the Manna feeding program, a sports ministry, and a new music ministry that Dan will be launching! In addition, we'll serve the Sololá community through outreach and evangelism, a Christian school, and New Birth Church. We're incredibly humbled that God has provided so many opportunities to minister to those in need! 

Along with this step of faith comes a lot of uneasiness if we are really honest with ourselves and with you! We're doing all we can to sell our belongings, sell our home, and prepare our hearts! We've also humbly asked many of you to consider reaching out to your pastor, small group, or Sunday school class to allow us the opportunity to share this story... knowing that God can use it to plant many seeds! 

We need you! It's as simple as that! 

We can't go until we have 75% of our need in monthly commitments so that we can effectively minister to the Sololá community and care for our family! That's where YOU come in! 

Would you consider giving $10 and telling 10 of your friends? It's that simple! 

We need your partnership.... through prayer, through giving, and through telling others! 

Even if you can't give... do you have 10 friends that you could share our story with? 


*** This giveaway is over. The winner is ANN MARIE RONSMAN!! Congrats Ann Marie, you are truly a blessing in our lives! 

To sweeten the pot a bit, an amazing friend, Dawn Patterson has created the BEAUTIFUL necklace below... AND THROWN IN A $50 FUNKY FISH GIFT CARD!!! 

This necklace is not only handmade, it is also a beautiful reminder of the NEST or place of refuge each of us is so privileged to have... a safe home is something we often take for granted... our prayer is that each time you put this necklace on you will pray for each of the children living at Eagle's Nest and that as you wear it in public, it provides many opportunities for you to share about God's heart for the orphan
For each FIVE DOLLARS you donate, you'll be entered into a drawing for this FABULOUS necklace and gift card! 

Click HERE to donate. 
*IMPORTANT: Please come back and leave a comment or email us at ucherek1 AT hotmail DOT com to let us know you've entered the giveaway! 

Giveaway will be open from now until 2/29 at midnight and we'll announce the winner on March 1st! 

Thank you Dawn for your amazing generosity and your heart to spread the Gospel to the nations! You are truly a blessing to so many! 


  1. Yeah! my first contribution (though it be small) to your new venture. Thanks for the opportunity!!! God bless! Darlene

    1. Thank you Darlene! You've been such a blessing and encouragement from day 1!

  2. we already support the blocks:) and are excited to see you join them in Guatemala! We pledged our monthly support for your family too just now! Thank you for obeying the call:) praying for y'all

    1. neufamily - thank you so much! we appreciate your support and are so thankful that you support the block's too! if you don't mind, could you send us an email to ucherek1 AT hotmail DOT com so we can get your name and get you entered into the giveaway? couldn't find it when we clicked on your profile. thanks!

  3. This is a great necklace, and would be a wonderful reminder to pray for the ministry God has blessed you into! I enjoy reading the updates and am thankful for these giveaways that are just extra sweet for those of us who contribute in small ways. Grace & peace to you as you prepare to go!

  4. Alrighty, I donated! This is a great giveaway!

  5. Happy to donate! Excited to see how God is calling ya'll!!!

  6. Honored to be apart of what God is doing in your life. Can't wait to see God shine through you in Guatemala.

  7. I finally got through the server to donate - YAY!