Monday, January 16, 2012

leavin' on a jet plane!

don't know when I'll be back again...... :)

are you intrigued? you should be! :)

We've been a little quiet on here lately, but you probably didn't even notice! Our blogging the last 6 months has left a lot to be desired... but this time, there was good reason for being quiet. You see, God has been doing some radical things in our lives and we wanted to wait until we had complete confirmation from HIM ALONE before we shared!

So... over the next several weeks we'll be sharing more of the details with you... but we wanted to give you a glimpse into HOW this story unfolds briefly here too!

pt. 1 - Christi goes on mission trip to Dominican Republic in 2003... FOREVER changed!
pt. 2 - God calls Christi to serve in Honduras... re-routed to Guatemala (through the wisdom of her dear hubby) in Sept 2009... FOREVER changed!
pt. 3 - God uses the Guatemala trip to call us to adopt... FOREVER changed!
pt. 4 - Travel to Ethiopia TWICE to bring home our sweet boy... FOREVER changed!
pt. 5 - God calls us back to Guatemala (all 3.5 of us)...

Do you see a theme here?

We'll let the video speak for itself!

God has called us to serve as full-time missionaries in Guatemala, and we couldn't be more humbled! 

We'll be serving with Eagle's Nest Orphanage in Sololá, Guatemala.

Follow us on facebook and follow Dan's exciting music ministry in Guatemala on facebook and twitter! Yep, he's in the cool kid club now... twitter and all! :)

More to follow in the coming days! Be sure to check back for an exciting opportunity to win a Kindle Fire, to learn more about our ministry, and how you can partner with us on this journey!


  1. YAY!!!! Congrats Ucherek family!!!

  2. SO extremely JEALOUS!!!!:) Praising God and can't wait to follow your journey with Eagle's Nest!

  3. Congratulations, Dan and Christi! God is using your family in such a mighty way!

  4. Ohmigosh, ohmigosh, ohmigosh! I love love love it when the Lord blends beautiful things together! And I'm so excited that this ministry journey is one we'll get to share! ~Ronne

  5. YES!! We are so excited for this journey that God has put you on! We are going to miss miss miss all 4 of you but we WILL be visiting you! You are an inspiration to us all! We are praying for you and love you all!


  7. Yay! So excited for you guys and can't wait to see what God is going to do.

  8. Wow, that is awesome. So excited to see how God uses your family!!!

  9. This is SO exciting! Love the way you announced it...

    PRAYERS for you and your family!

  10. I am beyond overjoyed for you!!!!!! :D

  11. It is beautiful to see God at work and willing souls saying "here I am, send me" :) I certainly will keep you covered in prayer, all of you, including your new Guatemalan family :) YEAH! Praise be to God, Darlene Grieco

  12. We knew nothing about you folks until we began attending PBC. We have followed your story during the adoption of Malakai and then bringing him home. We are bleesed to have met you and wish you guys all the best with your new ventures in guatemala. We will be praying for you guys. You have touched my and Vickey hearts and while we are not going to minister in other nations we are praying to see if we should become foster parents. We still feel we have a lot of love to give kids who are in need of it here in our own area. Thank you for the love you have shown us is possible to others and GOD Bless you.

  13. Wonderful news! Love to see how God works to draw us to what He is calling us to do!