Friday, January 20, 2012

feels more and more real...

Seeing THIS PAGE sure makes moving overseas feel all that more real! Please pray that God would give us peace and direct our steps as we put our home on the market, sell our belongings, and work to raise support for the journey God has called us to!

We are SO thrilled that Commission to Every Nation (CTEN) agreed to walk this journey with us, provide us with encouragement, training, and pastoral care for our time in Guatemala. We received this email from them this morning... what an amazing organization!

"As we do daily, the staff stopped, gathered and offered prayers for those selected today who are our awesome servants worldwide.  TODAY, you were included.  Cool, huh?
May your life be one of reverence for the Father that you will walk TODAY in the healthy fear of the Lord standing in AWE of His nature.  May you be effective in leading others into His goodness and into a real relationship that matters.  We pray that as you encounter pre-Christians, that your words and actions sow or water or reap a harvest for the King and His Kingdom.
We ask that Jehovah Rophe be your healer and that Jehovah Jireh (Gen 22:14) be your provider.  We believe that THIS day will bring divine appointments so look for them and thank God for them!
Welcome aboard!
Be blessed to BE a blessing"

For those of you that want to update your records, our CTEN email address is danucherek AT We will also still be maintaining our hotmail account.