Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Officially Official!

Even though he's been our son for months now and in our care for months now, we had a readoption hearing today in order for the little man to have his name officially changed to Malakai Aweke Ucherek and get a US birth certificate. As we were loading the photos on the computer tonight, we looked back and saw THIS video from June 21st (2 days after he was home)... wow he's small!

And here's a photo from today with the sweet judge we had... he was thrilled to be doing an adoption hearing as opposed to the negative cases he sees all day!

Sweet boy - this was such a special day for us! Although you've been in our family for over 6 months now, it was a sweet reminder of the joy you bring us and the gift you are in our lives. We are SO blessed by you and thank God every day that you are in our family!


  1. This is so wonderful! Congratulations - he is just precious!!

  2. Reading this made me smile and cry at the same time! God truly has blessed you and your little Malakai!

  3. So sweet...love it!! There is just something extra special about having that finalization hearing! He is such a happy boy!