Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Birthday Boy!

We had the amazing opportunity of celebrating our little Malakai Aweke's 2nd birthday yesterday! His first birthday at home, with his forever family!

We love you so much and can't imagine our lives without you! As we pray for you each day, we ask the Lord to bind our hearts together and heal every scar you may have... and trust that Jesus can do so!

Your sweet daddy put together this video to celebrate your amazing life... and show you how much you've changed since the day we met you back in May!

Referral photo from February 2011:

The day we met you:

In our arms forever:

Your 2nd Birthday (9/14/11):

We celebrated the little man's birthday by taking him to Chuck e Cheese's... which we said we'd never do! haha!

Some of you already saw this on facebook, but here's Malakai saying thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes!

On a more serious note... we feel that it's important to be honest about our emotions from this beautiful day. Not only were we excited to celebrate Malakai Aweke's life with him and be with him for the first time on his birthday.... we also experienced some very different emotions this day, which we totally expected. I can't help but think about a man on the other side of the world that remembers September 14th of 2009 when this sweet boy entered the world. This same man has since lost everything he once knew... including Aweke. Our hearts were in two places as we were blessed with the joy of our sweet boy on his birthday, but also ached for his birth family who we consider a part of us who I'm sure had a very rough day. As we pray for the children in our homes and celebrate their lives with us, may we not forget to pray for and remember their past.


  1. This is absolutely perfect...So great to capture such a special time. And Dan you are amazing, and that song with the pictures is so POWERFUL, I love it! And what an ending, knowing that God has placed Malakai in your loving care but also remembering that he had a journey to get there. Thanks for sharing, this has truly touched my heart! Love you guys!

  2. wow, that is beautiful! thanks for the blessing. can't help but wonder about our sweet one we have yet to meet yet. (and yes, the sadness she and her family must endure in order for her to come to us). sigh.