Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2 Months?? REALLY?!?!?!

Yep, remember that WORST blogger of the year award.... I'm still holding tightly to it! hehe!

Well folks, I could honestly write a book about all that has happened in our lives in the short 12 weeks that this sweet little boy has been in our arms...
but, who has time to write a book... OR read one for that matter?!?!?

I really hope to write more in depth about our transition in the near future... but, for now, here's a few things:
-Dan started a new job when we got back from Ethiopia.... on night shift, then day shift, now back to night shift.
-I was totally guilt free from work for 10+ weeks... which was a HUGE blessing! (thank you Lifesong)
-Started back part time last week at work, in the office 1 day per week.
-Had too many firsts to list... but have been writing them out on a calendar for Malakai to have some day.
-He LOVES his little cousins!
-He loves looking at photos of all the kids in our travel group and seeing how they have grown and changed!
-Malakai Aweke's speech is improving rapidly, especially the last week or so.
-We've conquered the diaper changing torture and overcome some serious tantrums.
-We haven't had any biting for a long time... praise God!
-Still working on some food issues... and a BIG camera issue (which is making it hard to get decent photos)
-After a 4-6 week stint of rawness and very rough times, we started to hit our stride so to speak... but something still wasn't right. The last 3-4 weeks have been AMAZING and we are really starting to see who this sweet little boy is! We feel BEYOND blessed and are blown away by him daily. He is actually seeking our love and affection the last few weeks which melts my heart! As we were driving to a family members house over the weekend, we were telling him who was going to be there - grandma, papa, cousins, aunts, uncle, etc.... and I said 'Mommy and Daddy are your parents.. can you say parents?'... then I proceeded to say, 'grandma, papa, so on... so forth... we are all your FAMILY and we are SO blessed to have you in our family!'

INSERT CRYING SESSION IN THE CAR followed by an (almost) 2 year old looking at me like I've lost it! WOW... what a reminder of how God sets the lonely in families.

I was reminded over and over today as I was at work for the 2nd time and struggling thinking about our sweet boy of what a blessing he is... and the JOY he brings to our life!

Here's a glimpse into our weekend in Michigan celebrating our little man's birthday (it was a little early, but the only time we could get away for a few days).... he LOVES the water and sand!

Dan had just worked a 12 hour shift when we left, so I did my best to drive 6 hours and keep the little man entertained.... he only woke up a few times as I was reaching for a toy, snack, or drive and swerved the car :) oops! Finally both asleep!

First time in the sand...

 Could seriously hug him all day!

 yep, not looking at the camera (don't ask why we are both wearing green shirts... wasn't planned)
 my boys and my favorite lighthouse
 getin' geared up! (he likes to dive in head first, so we invested in this little turtle suit - thanks wal.mart)

 A little sticker time at the cabin while I cleaned (thank you Chuck and Sandy for letting us use the cabin... what a blessing!)
 TIRED from a day at the beach!
 The exact spot that we wrote 'next year you'll be with us' in the sand and prayed for our little man in 2010! Such a special moment to think about him being with us this year!

Hoping for more posts soon... but I'm transitioning back in to working part time, so I won't make any promises! :)

Thank you for your continued love and support


  1. love hearing an update on your months home! i love the sand story, and how perfect you took a pic there this year.

  2. Sweet family. Sweet sand photos. Sweet son. So HAPPY for you to all be together!!!! May your adjustment period continue to go well for all of you!

  3. So neat to follow your progress into family life.
    Love the pictures.

  4. I was wondering if you were ever going to blog again :) So glad you are! Love it & praying for you!

  5. So glad things seem to be settling down and in for you. :) Started crying when you said this place in the sand was where we said this time next year you will be here.....BLESSINGS!

  6. goodness, i was still praying for him as aweke...God knows :) He is beautiful and praise God for the progress report. soo good to hear! hope your transition back to lifesong goes well. so blessed to know you through them (gabrielle's gift). continued prayer, darlene :)