Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's been too long!

Sorry y'all... but I have a feeling that blog postings will be few and far between for a while! :) That's a good thing though!!

A couple praises - 2 days in a row, while rocking him to sleep for nap time, we had no kicking, screaming or biting... praise the Lord! I could also feel him starting to relax into my chest as I was rocking him... SO SWEET!

A couple prayer requests - we are heading into round 2 of giardia treatment and this little boys belly HURTS! It's still pretty bloated and every day when he has a bowel movement (sorry TMI!) he cries! Diaper changes are VERY traumatic for him so we are trying everything creative we can possibly think of (thank you Cris Peters for the ideas... used ALL of them the last 2 days!). Please continue to pray for bonding! Please pray for nighttime - Aweke has night terrors for AT LEAST 5 hours per night.. he seems to wake up well rested, but I am NOT! :) haha! My hubby went back to work yesterday so he's been moving to the couch each night around 2am or so... which is sad for me! I love me some snuggle time with the hubby and DON'T like him on the couch! And last, but not least, please pray that he would start to truly understand what mommy and daddy mean to him... he's really only been in a family the first 4 months of his life and has been in orphanages since that time, so the idea of a family unit is completely foreign, he's not afraid of any strangers, and tries to go to others for comfort... so, you guessed it, we are trying to do some serious coccooning! :)

Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure! :)

 look at this sweet robe that was a gift... looks like he just stepped out of the spa!

Gotta run... naptime is almost over! :)


  1. Just prayed for you all! He is adorable and you are doing a wonderful job...pryaing for his heart.

  2. poor little guy. sounds like he's got it rough, but surely God knows what He is doing and He trusts in you guys to do just what He needs. Hang in there. This too shall pass and you truly will experience THE BLESSING to its fullest, joy to the max :) Praying daily for you all. Keep us posted whenever possible. it's tough, i know :) You CAN do all things in Christ :)

  3. He is such a sweetheart! Praying for you as your transition continues!

  4. Oh MY! Is he not the CUTEST little dude!

  5. I have missed so much in your life! I am so excited that you have your sweet boy home! :) I will have to catch up on your blog and "see" the details! Much love to your sweet family!!!

  6. I can relate to pretty much all of what you said. The anger (kicking, screaming, biting), the inappropriate comfort with complete strangers, etc. Our twins were in their birth home for only 3 months, and by the time they came home (at 2 years, 9 months) we were their 5th home. We have come a LOOOONG way. But that doesn't mean we still have to prove to them we are and will always be their mommy and daddy. I really think they get it now. But we go out of our way to talk about it still. Oh they were angry about life for a long time. But God has been good, and the progress is clear and all for His glory. Praying you see the same miracle take place in your baby boy's life. Keep doing your best, and God will fill in the places you missed.

  7. Hi
    My name is Jenna and i came across your site. Ur son is an amazing, precious and special little boy. He is a courageous, strong and determined fighter. he is a brave warrior, smilen champ and an inspirational hero. He will be in my thoughts. I was born with a rare life threatening disease, and love it when people sign my guestbook.