Saturday, May 14, 2011

oh, sweet boy...

*this was supposed to post Thursday evening, but blogger didn't cooperate! :)

Sweet boy,
We leave in 23 hours to come meet you for the first time. To say we are excited is SUCH an understatement. We love you so much already and we haven't even met. It's really incredible how God can bond our hearts together in this way... you'll learn that as you grow older. He's done the same thing along this journey with so many believers across the globe. We've been encouraged so much as we pursued you and worked to bring you home... and you've been prayed for by so many! It's really incredible!

Our hearts are literally pounding out of our chests in anticipation for seeing your sweet face for the first time. We pray that you aren't scared and that you feel the love we have for you sweet boy. Oh, I just can't wait to hold your little hands and kiss your sweet lips. When we look at pictures of you that so many sweet friends have sent us, we just melt. Your daddy and I lay in bed at night talking about how amazing you are and staring at your pictures!

I just have to tell you how much your daddy loves you! We went for a walk late last night cause momma had cleaned every nook and cranny of our home and straightened your clothes 3 times and was still energized :) and he just kept telling me how amazing it was that God brought you to our family. We reminisced about our conversations of children when we dated at 18 & 19 years of age. You see, as we prayed for when the Lord would bring children into our home, daddy felt very clearly that it would be several years... for some reason, he always said it would be 7 years. Momma kinda cringed sometimes as he would say that, because I so longed to hold you in my arms. But your sweet daddy reminded me last night that had we not waited on the Lord's timing, we wouldn't be leaving tomorrow to meet you!

As we inched towards 5 years of marriage your mommas heart was BROKEN for children in need. I flew home from Guatemala and told your daddy that I KNEW the Lord wanted us to adopt. Daddy was a little scared at first, but God soon changed his heart too.... so that day, Christmas of 2009, we looked over a packet of information we had received as we drove to Grandma's to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and we both cried. It was that same cry I will cry each time you are hurting! God spoke so clearly to our hearts that day, He told us that YOU were in Ethiopia waiting for us!

Just a few days later we started the paperwork process to bring you home! We worked so diligently and stayed up many nights filling out paperwork as we felt this sense of urgency that you needed us. As we continued on this journey of faith, there were many times that we weren't quite sure why it was taking so long. However, on February 17th, 2011, God reminded us of His sovereignty as our agency called to tell us that they had you, our son! And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Waiting for you has been difficult at times, but as I write to you today sweet boy, I can finally say that we are coming! And... you remember how I mentioned that daddy said 7 years... well, our 7th year anniversary is just 13 days after we will meet you for the first time.

You, sweet child, are SUCH a blessing from the Lord! We love you so much and will do our best to raise you up in the ways of the Lord. You are loved by SO many and they are all anticipating your arrival. We anticipate no lack of love in your life!

As I walk by your room each night on the way to ours, I can't help but peek in your crib, close my eyes, and dream of the day that you are in that crib. I think you're going to get sick of mommy staring at you all the time while you sleep! I promise I'll be really quiet when I sneak out of bed and over to your crib each night and I'm sure that daddy will find me sleeping on the floor next to your crib more than once! :) Feel free to wake up during the night... just so I can stare in those beautiful eyes and hold your sweet hands.

I wish I could put into words the miracle you are! You see, God knew your name before the creation of the world. Only He knows the plans for your life... and we are SO humbled that God would call us to be your mommy and daddy and for the way that He has shown us His love in this journey. You've changed so many hearts all ready and I can't wait to see you shine for Jesus!

I'll see you in 48 hours buddy!



  1. oh my goodness tearjerker!! This is beautiful Christi! It's so amazing how your heart changes when you have a child. It's been amazing to go through our expectant journeys together and I absolutely cannot wait for you to bring him home where he belongs. Your time has come now after so long! Praying for you dear friend!

  2. PRECIOUS!!! So excited that you are about to meet your SON!!!! Praying for ya'll!

  3. Love this Christi! Thanks for sharing. We are praying for you all!

  4. So beautiful!
    I know you are much to busy to reply to this now, but we'd love to repost this on "We Are Grafted In" ( It is a Christian adoptiong website/forum. If you are willing, we'd just need a picture of you and a brief bio to use when it is reposted.
    Blessings on your trip! Let me know if we can repost it when you get a chance. :)
    Stephanie (
    co-administrator of WAGI

  5. So beautifully written Christi!!! And so excited for all of you!! God bless each of you!!!

    Deanna Pflager

  6. So very heart warming, this little boy is loved and blessed and I know you feel blessed as well.
    Pray for all to go well and to be bringing him home as soon as possible.

  7. So happy for you! I can't wait to see you with your son!

    God Bless, Rachelle