Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I want your best!!

Thank you sweet friend (you know who you are) for telling me to listen to these songs yesterday -

As I sat in bed last night, I had to really ask myself how I would react if God's best was for us to NOT pass court on the 18th? How would I react to the extra waiting to bring A home? Would I be angry at God? Would I praise Him anyway?

I was honestly at a point where I was going about life considering court a 'done deal' if you know what I mean. Planning the date A could possibly be home... planning the date I start maternity leave at work... you know, the stuff us Type-A planners are SO good at doing! And I thought to myself that I know we'll 'get through it' if we don't pass court right away.

But what if? What if there's a letter missing? What if we aren't approved right away?

My sweet friend at work reminded me to stand on God's promises and that it's OK to proclaim those promises as we're in prayer! Stand on what we know is true - God you ARE faithful, You WILL bring Your work to completion, YOU are a father to the fatherless, YOU made the ultimate sacrifice for my sins...

I don't want to just 'get through it'! I want to praise God and serve HIM no matter what He calls us to do! No matter how hard it may be! The wait seems so small compared to the price Jesus paid for my adoption (Eph 1:4-5)!


  1. One of my favorite songs of theirs. . . .I love their "potters hand" song too.

    Praying for you - and can't wait to hear about the trip!

  2. Praying....being type A myself...I totally get it.