Sunday, March 27, 2011

Only Jesus! (Dan here!)

Alright everyone!! This is Dan and it's my turn now!

So...we are so excited to see our little man and bring him home. I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be a good parent lately. We all mess up and get things wrong, but we love our children with all our hearts and want what is best for them, right? At this stage of the game for us, I think the best (and only) thing we can really do right now is pray. Pray for him, his health, his heart, and his safety. And then it dawned on me...that is the best thing for any parent to do!  Our child is far away, and we really can't do much to keep him safe... but when it all comes down to it, that's all any parent can do. As we go through this hard time of waiting to bring our little dude home, I have realized that he is in God's hands...but even when he is home, He is still in God's hands, not ours! GOD HAS GIVEN US THE AWESOME OPPORTUNITY TO PARENT THIS CHILD!

So I digress... We have to make the most of the time that the Lord gives us with our little guy before he grows up. And I'm sure it will go much quicker than we want! We must be the Godly example in his life and point him to Christ, for this is our joy as parents.

I wrote this song to my little man, to sing to him every night before bed, to point him to the one and only Jesus. Sleep in peace my sweet little boy, until we meet face to face! WE LOVE YOU!


  1. Way to go Dan, you made me cry. SO great to hear something from you! I love the song, it is so true that it is only Jesus who can who can hold our children...because they are only ours to borrow. You will see that is a hard Truth to grasp as parents, but when you keep reminding yourself there is a Peace to know that they have a Loving Father in Heaven who is the Ultimate FOREVER FAMILY!!! I sing I bid you goodnight, by Grateful Dead each night to the girls and it reminds me of this every night...that I love them, but Jesus loves them the best!

  2. awww - awesome!! You get it!! We pray for our children and grandchildren every night, we love you, Dan!


  3. Great job Dan, I'm sure your Son and our Grandson will love that song and will be singing with Dad & Mom before you know it.
    Mom & John

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Dan....and so true. Your words have filled me with something great this morning that will carry me through the day. Only Jesus for the little ones we are blessed to care for and Only Jesus for those of us he trusted with the job. God Bless You Both!

  5. What a beautiful song! You are so right that our children are always in God's hands. Praying for you guys as you prepare to bring your little one home.

  6. Aww geez, break my heart, Dan! What a beautiful song and message to your baby. You are already an A+ Daddy!

  7. Thank you so much friends... you all are the best!!! Thank you for encouraging Dan to continue writing and using the gifts the Lord has given him!