Monday, March 21, 2011

The Hours, Days, and Weeks following the call...

If you missed our Referral Call post, click here to read that first. 

After the Call
Once we got off the phone at 8:38pm, we grabbed the photos and drove to our parents. My parents are the closest, so we stopped at their house first.... here's the first glimpse of their grandson - 
mouth wide open! :)

all smiles!

We talk as fast as we possibly can, give them the photos, and hit the road. 

We then drive to Dan's parents which is about another 20 minutes... and the whole time we try to devise a plan to tell them about their new grandson.... at this point, we know that Dan's mom will be in bed and we don't want to freak her out when we pull in the driveway.... but Dan kinda likes freaking his mom out.... in a funny sort of way! So, we drive to their house, she gets out of bed and comes downstairs to join Dan's dad and see her their grandson - 
grins here too! 
nice pjs! :)

Thank you for supporting us parents! 

The Following Few Days
By the time we get home from Dan's parents, it's somewhere after midnight and we get to work on paperwork immediately. We stay up for several hours writing up a transition plan for our agency, sending emails to an international pediatrician, social worker, and family members. We are so excited to tell the rest of our family, but know that they are all in bed by now! 

So, first thing Friday morning we hop on the phone, call the siblings and let me know the news... I wish we could've recorded Dan's niece, Addie and nephew, Ethan - they were hysterical! Ethan was yelling, 'I have a new buddy... I have a new buddy'... and Addie (she's 2) was confused and thought the photos were HER brother, instead of cousin, cause her momma happens to be pregnant... poor girl is so confused! :) 

Here are those two proud cousins - 

We got the green light from the intl ped, the home study agency, etc and got to work on the rest of the paperwork.... had several conference calls.... had to go to work, had a conference Saturday morning where I showed EVERYONE I saw his photos - even if I didn't know them! sorry! :)

We received this sweet package in the mail from AGCI the following Monday, including the sweet stuffed monkey - this agency is amazing and the personal care they put into each child is just incredible!

As you can see, it's gone really fast and been so fun to share with everyone! 

Where We Are Today!
The next step in the process is to travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to spend 5 days with little A and appear for our court hearing. We got news on the 3/9 that our court date is May 18th in Ethiopia and our flights are booked to leave on May 13th and return on the 20th! Can't wait to hold our little man! 

So, around here... we're busy moving bedrooms, putting shelves up and organizing A's closet, creating photo albums for him and the special people in his life, painting, staining dressers, doing some spring cleaning and going through all the clothing, items, and toys that so many friends and family members have given us... we love hand-me-downs! .... did I mention NESTING? whew! this momma is NOT sleeping! :) haha!

AND - we've spent many hours staring into the beautiful eyes and talking about life with a little man who is now 18 months old! We've had some precious families that are also adopting through AGCI send us photos AND we have THREE videos of our son... can you believe it? I never thought I'd have videos of him before we meet him... so precious! 

THIS photo was just precious to see A's first name next to our last name... for the first time! 

We just got one last night where little A is starting to walk, with the help of his little buddy T of course! Again, if we're really honest on here... it was SO good to see him getting stronger and healthier, but was also a little hard to see him walking... you know, the envious kind of joy, where we wish we were there to help him take those first steps!

AND, the Foster family is in Addis Ababa right now to bring Matthias home and love on our little man! SO excited for you Mike and Meg! They emailed us yesterday with some new photos, which are so sweet! They were celebrating Matthias' first birthday and included our little A on the party.. lets just say, he doesn't like icing on his face! haha! JUST like his daddy!
Here's what the Foster's sent us this morning,
I couldn't wait to see him again!!! Have to tell you that he is HUGE compared to 5 weeks ago (which you can see in the pictures but in person it is astounding!) He almost looks like a different kid he's so much bigger. Looks really healthy now! And his hair is really growing in too. So cute! He is so incredibly ticklish that when he even THINKS you are going to tickle him he starts to squeal and squirm... so much fun to play with him. We look forward to seeing him again this afternoon... he, Matthias and their buddy T love playing together!
Oh, this melts my momma heart! I can't wait to tickle those little chubby legs! :)
And... here's some photos of the sweet gifts we've received for our little guy!

Our sweet friend Amy and her daughter Addie made this onesie for us!

Thank you amazing friends and family.... we just can't say that enough! 


  1. I am praising the Lord for you this morning! My heart is so thrilled for you and your husband!!!

  2. Christi and Dan, I just keep reading and re-reading your posts. Definitely brings new tears of joy each time - can only imagine the joy you are experiencing. Continue to pray for all 3 of you as your journey continues. Deanna

  3. I was so happy to meet you and see his picture at the conference. It brought tears to my eyes looking at his picture for the first time. So special. I love all the "rockstar" outfits! We are praying for you guys & can't wait to meet him :)

  4. AShley - thank you SO much!

    Deanna - yes, lots of joy as we praise God for HIS abundant blessings!

    Whitney - you bless my life sweet friend!