Thursday, February 24, 2011

1 week ago... and a request

One week ago today, we saw your sweet face...
One week ago today, we knew God chose you for our family...
One week ago today, our hearts were more in love than we could've ever imagined...

Throughout this past week the Lord has continued to remind us of all the blessings He's poured out on our lives... and we are so thankful for how HE works in our lives. We are so thankful that He called us to be A's parents!

Sweet Boy A,
We can't wait to bring you home, to love you, to care for you, to nurture you, but most importantly... we can't wait to point you to Jesus! We know it won't always be easy and we know that you're scared, but we promise to love you through it all... to walk the road of healing with you... and pray for your salvation every day!

Thank you Lord for allowing us the privilege of saying that there's one less orphan in Ethiopia!

Friends & Family - THANK YOU! We have felt so loved throughout this journey... and it's just really the beginning! We hope to share more details with you as we can, but we also wanted to encourage you with this - each day we were hurting, each day we were grieving, and each day we were questioning - the Lord has used to strengthen us. Throughout this wait we've written down specific dates when certain things were going on in our hearts... and now that we know A's name and his story, those dates line up exactly with what was going on in his life during that time. When we were grieving, he was hurting...

To those of you waiting - we wait with you and pray with and for you! We are confident in the Lord's timing and He continues to show us why it was so important for us to wait for our little man...

Now for the request - we are starting to put together a book for little A from the day we felt called to adopt until the day A is in our home. We have been saving all of your comments, emails, and notes of encouragement.... if you have a specific prayer you've been praying for our little man, a verse you'd like prayed over him, a note of encouragement, etc - please post them on this blog or email them to us at ucherek1 AT hotmail DOT com. Feel free to send a photo of your family if you'd like... we can't wait for him to see all the names and faces of those that have walked this road with us!


  1. Amazing! The Lord is so good to confirm it for you and someday for him -- that he was created to be in your family!!

    Precious boy, you are a perfect gift from God to your parents, and what a gift they are to you also! Listen to what they say, as they will lead you in the ways of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Through knowing Him, you will grow to be strong and wise and a noble man who will bless others and know true joy yourself. We praise God for your life! You are one of a kind - created just as He wanted - to bring Him glory. May your life radiate with love for Him, sweet child.

    Psalm 126:3 The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I plan to send your lil boy an email. This post really touched my heart and made me cry. I have been really burdened this week and have shed many tears... I do not know why, except that I know it has to do with our baby in Ethiopia. I have had a sense that they are having a hard time right now, and your post just affirms that it is probably true. It is a mystery how God can connect my heart to a baby on the other side of the world! Thanks for making me feel like less of a crazy lady :)
    So thrilled for you guys and praying that court & embassay dates are very soon and close together! You are going to be wonderful parents for the glory of our great God!!!

  3. Sweet precious A,

    God has big plans for your life and his blessing will abound. Your first family loves you with all their hearts and your forever family will teach you of that love, show you what that love looks like, and most importantly tell you how that unconditional love is the mirror image of God's great love for you his child.

    Prayers abound for you and your family and the day you are finally together!

    The Stamm Family