Thursday, January 13, 2011

if i could look into your eyes...

if i could look into your eyes, sweet babies...

i would tell you how much i love you.
i would tell you how much your daddy talks about you. sings about you. prays for you.
i would tell you how i picture you in each little nook and cranny of our home.
i would tell you that i can't wait for you to make a mess. and i can't wait to change your dirty bum :)

most of all, i would tell you about JESUS and His love for you.
i would tell you that no matter how long it takes, we will never give up on you.
just like Jesus never gave up on me.

i often wonder if you know you're loved.
i wonder if you have enough food to eat.
if anyone holds you when you're sleepy.
if you have a place to lay your head at night.

i wonder if you've ever heard of Jesus before. but even if you have... your heart may not be able to fathom His love for you. then again. how could it?

although i don't know what you're life has been like thus far, if it's anything like i imagine, it will involve pain, pain that we promise to walk through with you.

back to Jesus though. i have often thought of what it says to an orphans heart when he has no earthly father. how could you grasp our Heavenly Father?

how could any orphan grasp our Heavenly Father?
speak to our hearts sweet Jesus. show us to be Your Hands and Feet to these precious children. help us to set aside all the 'what-if's' and unknowns and be obedient to YOU!

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  1. Christi, this is so beautiful. I'm copying it in my journal. Love your heart and can't wait to see the little ones God has chosen for your family!!