Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Bible Challenge!

Check out Lorraine's Bible Challenge over here! I had the privilege of meeting Lorraine at the T4A conference in Austin a few months back... and she's an incredible lady! While you're over at her blog, check out her family... amazing!

Lorraine and I are challenging all of our readers to set a goal for reading God's Word in 2011. Often our best attempts are failed if we have no plan in place... so, that's what I'm challenging you to do - make a plan... oh, and share your thoughts here too!
God has designed our hearts with a hole in them that can only be filled by Him, and by reading His Word daily, we will begin to truly know Him, to know His Word, to understand His will, to fill the void that's intended to be filled by our loving Father. "


  1. I started the one in the ESV study Bible (a little early...) and I LOVE it so far!