Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Running Water!

Friends and Family,

If you didn't already know, we are a part of a GREAT small group of young adults who are committed to furthering the gospel all over the world. Within the last couple months, after much prayer, we decided to work towards a goal of providing a new well for 500 children in Honduras that are being served at the Lifesong for Orphans campus!

The campus in La Entrada, Honduras has accepted more children into their care and has went from 5,000 to 20,000 gallons of water needed per day. Their 20 year old well was damaged in a 2007 earthquake and is pumping sand. The well needs to be replaced in order to provide clean drinking water for this orphanage.

We just started a campaign we named 'Running Water' – the distance from here to the campus is approximately 2,000 miles. We are going to bridge this gap by running/walking/biking the distance from Pontiac, IL to La Entrada, Honduras from December 1st-10th.

Would you be willing to join our team and commit to walking, running, or biking a certain number of miles during that time period?

Would you be willing to make a pledge towards the miles that we are committing to? We are hoping to get pledges of $2-$3 per mile so that we can raise the rest of the funds needed to complete the well!

Many people walk hours each day to get water that is less than ideal for their families! Our hope is that as we walk the distance, that God would continue to break our hearts for the fatherless. He is truly the Father to the fatherless and we are trusting that He will supply for their needs!

Some facts & figures:
- We will have 500 kids apply to live @ Lifesong Honduras, but can ONLY take 125 new kids (will begin interviews first of December)

- national average of unemployment is 70%. BUT... 70% of Lifesong graduates currently have full-time employment

- national average 1% of kids who graduate from public schools, go on to college. BUT... for Lifesong, about 40% of kids who graduate, go on to college

- 38% of Escalon children are double, single orphaned or abandoned...

- 90% still consider themselves Christians, after leaving Escalon

- 83% still attend church on a regular basis
If you have any questions, please let us know.

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