Thursday, November 4, 2010

How old? How Many? When? GIVEAWAY

Well, as you can see on the right hand side of our blog, we got our new official numbers for November today! There was LOTS of movement over the last month since the Ethiopian courts opened back up!

So, we thought we'd play a fun game for a giveaway...

Leave your comment on our blog with how old you think our child(ren) will be.. how many kiddos you think we will be matched with (1 or 2), which gender, and when we will be matched. The closest person will get a fun prize!

Of course, we won't be able to say who the winner is until we actually get THE CALL, so we'll announce then... comment away!

While you're here, please pray for us this weekend as we speak at churches for Orphan Sunday... that our words would not be our own and that God would use the burden on our hearts to prompt others to care for the fatherless!


  1. Oh I am so excited for yall!! I will be praying for yall as you wait and for this weekend!!


    I'll go ahead and guess
    2 - boy and a girl
    boy - 5 girl - 2
    when? SOON!!!! :-) oh i hope you get the call around Christmas or Thanksgiving!!! What an amazing gift that would be!! Praying it's soon!! God's timing is perfect!!

  2. Congratulations on your new numbers! I always love this time of the month!! Such a fun game you're playing!!

    1 Boy
    age 2
    referral in December!

  3. Fun idea! I'm guessing just a boy, 18 mo. (I have no idea what your parameters are!), and referral on Dec. 2nd.

  4. I think it will be a precious 13 month old boy with a referral in early December!! Love your new numbers!! :)

  5. A BOY, 9 months, referral on 11/27. :)

  6. Yeah, how fun! I'll say a 25 month old boy with a referral on November 22! As for my numbers, Hayden was almost 25 months old when we met him and his birthday is November 21 :) Maybe that is a lucky combination!!

    Congrats on the new numbers!

  7. Oh this is so fun! Thank you for all your comments!

    I hope your quick timeframes are right! :) You just never know with adoption!

  8. Ok, here's my guess:

    1 boy - 8 Months Old
    December 12, 2010 Referral

    Can't wait to see what you get!!


  9. I guess...
    Referral December 20, 2010

    1 boy- youngish (maybe 6 months)
    1 girl- 3 or 4 years old

    (I've always thought you were going to have 2. Even when I saw your baby room, I thought "they don't have enough beds!". Hope I'm right!)

  10. I guess...
    December 3
    One Boy, One Girl
    6 months, 20 months
    Man this guessing was harder than I think...I know it is only a game, but I erased it like 10 times :)

  11. Oh Bridget! You crack me up!

    Kim - I hope you're right cause that would be soon!

    We kept thinking for the longest time that they would be over 12 months, but with the trend lately, we're not so sure anymore! Thank the Lord that He decides these things and not me! :)

  12. I'm going with Boy on Jan. 19th (kind of hope you don't have to wait that long but it's Lily's b-day). He will be 20 months old. Can't wait!

  13. I guess a boy, 4 months old and a little girl who is 3. :) Referral on Dec 10th. Praying for you- and knowing you will do terrific when you speak. Love you!

  14. How fun! I'll guess you will get a referral for 2 boys ages 1 and 3. Let's say around Nov. 22!

  15. My turn!!

    1 boy 18 mo.
    1 girl 3 yrs.

    November 18th

  16. I guess.....
    2 boys... 4 yo and 18 mos
    December 19

  17. I guess a baby boy 4 months old and a 3 yr old boy! I guess you will get THE CALL Jan 11th (know that I pray I am wrong on the date and you get the call for Christmas)!!!! :o) Can't wait to see who God has chosen for you from the beginning of time!

  18. I'm going to guess a phone call on December 28th telling you about a sweet 7 month old boy...and we both travel in March! :)

  19. I guess a boy 6 months old and another boy 2 1/2 years old, with the call coming on December 15. How exciting that the Lord already knows the faces and names of your precious babies!! The day when you find out will be unforgettable!

  20. I guess it didn't happen as soon as I thought it would so I'll guess again! I will still say the same gender and ages I guessed before, referral for 2 boys ages 1 and 3, but I'll change the date to January 10th.

  21. Guess I'll guess again!
    1 baby boy- 6 mon.
    1 little girl- 3 yrs.

    Dec 24th!! (I hope!)