Sunday, October 3, 2010

Joy-filled and Broken

Wow... what an incredible weekend at the Together for Adoption Conference in Austin, TX! Not only did I get to represent Lifesong at our exhibit booth and catch up and reconnect with old friends, but I got to meet some fabulous new friends as well!

I can't even begin to describe the joy that filled my heart as I was surrounded by like-minded people and the brokenness I feel as I come to a greater understanding of the sacrifice that was made for us. A friend described it as 'beautifully broken' - emptying all that you have at the feet of the Cross and being filled up so completely by Jesus...

Let me share a few quotes from the speakers that have really stuck with me!
To paraphrase a beautiful talk on keeping the Gospel at the center of orphan care ministry by Dan Cruver, "The word adoption didn't mean what we think of as adoption today. In the Scripture it is so much bigger than that. Bigger than the universe. We were pre-destined as sons and daughters of Jesus. Adoption is what brings the world to its consumation, the universe to its completion... ultimate renewal."

Think about the lives of these chidren this way --- "If God is father to the fatherless & the church is his bride then the church is to be the mother to the fatherless"- Robert Gelinas

"You CAN'T separate evangelism and the plight of the orphan!" - Matt Clark, Austin Stone
"I'm convinced that the global orphan crisis is one of the major barriers to us seeing the Great Commission fulfilled in our lifetime!" - Matt Clark

DID YOU READ THAT? CONVINCED THAT THE GLOBAL ORPHAN CRISIS IS ONE OF THE MAJOR BARRIERS TO SEEING THE GREAT COMMISSION FULFILLED IN OUR LIFETIME!!!! You should have seen the tears in the faces of the auditorium as Matt Clark challenged us to give up our lives!

And a challenge to all the men out there - Matt talked about how our view of God is best seen through our view of our early father! Imagine what is says to an orphans heart when he has no earthly father... how can they possibly comprehend the grace of our Heavenly Father??? It's through a family! We MUST pursue the fatherless!

My dear friends, you are doing so much more than rescuing children... you are engaging in the Great Commission!

I'll share some photos and tell you about the fabulous people I got to meet tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like it was a great weekend...I am loving reading all the quotes everyone is posting...I hope we can go next year!! :)

  2. Wish we could have been there...sounds like an amazing weekend!!

  3. Kelly Jo, Alison & Megan - Thanks for kind words! You all are the sweetest!

  4. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Thanks for sharing those quotes - they are challenging!!

    Yay for October numbers being here!! You are getting so close! Too bad we aren't closer together on the list - how fun would that have been to travel together?! Maybe on the next one... :)

  5. MInders - thanks girl... wish we were traveling together too! Forgive me, but can I get your blog address again?