Thursday, October 21, 2010

Journal #4

We are missing you today sweet babies. It's hard to explain to others how our hearts can long to hold you when we haven't seen your face and don't know your name. We pray every day that you will know that we love you so much, but more than that, that you will know that God loved you before the creation of the world... that Jesus gave His life for you and I! We pray that you will come to know Him and serve Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength!

We pray that you will know and trust that we will always be here for you... that you will rely on us and rely on your Heavenly Father. We will hold you, we will cry with you, we will rejoice with you, and laugh with you... we are your mommy and daddy and we promise to take care of you!

We are coming for you, we promise!


  1. This is too sweet!! You are going to make great parents!!

  2. Oh Christi, I know the waiting can be so hard sometimes! I totally understand what you mean about longing to hold them and praying for them every day when you don't even know their names or ages yet. It's amazing the love God puts in our hearts for the little ones on the other side of the world that He has already chosen for our families. He'll bring them to you in His timing, and it will be 100% worth the wait!!

  3. Christi-

    I always tried to explain to others how I missed a child I had never met. It is hard to grasp, but is true. God places something in your heart and you truly do miss this child. God knows your child and has placed that longing there, I remember precisely. God is working and has perfect timing- He is comforting your child now whether that child is already here on earth or still being formed in the womb or still just God's idea waiting to happen.